Turning into a super artifact in Kaya mainland can not only help Tianchen break through to and from the earth, but Tianchen feels that it is impossible to master a large number of rings and similar appliances unless necessary.

Moreover, it’s too much trouble to turn things around. Other kinds of appliances want the owner to think about it and take the things around, but they need to make a small door for the objects to enter the door directly, just like the elders of Yaowangge make the broken boxes, so they usually don’t make the things around in the morning.
But this time it’s different. It will attack you directly. After earning several flying swords, not only Liu Sihai and others are shocked again! Even the lone yogi who wanted to sit tight and ignore the morning couldn’t help but frown and look at the morning with some doubts.
The move of knocking on the door to collect the magic weapon in Tianchen is even shocking to the lone yogi! Since you can collect magic weapons in this way, does that mean you can also collect people in the same way? If that’s the case, it’s too powerful. I think even immortals can’t stand the turbulence in chaos, right?
Chapter sixty-six Take five ghosts
Chapter sixty-six Take five ghosts
When everyone was shocked and looked at the strange magic weapon flying sword in the morning, the morning immediately noticed the expression of the lone yogi, and at that moment, the lone yogi leaked a little like a real aura and a lot of his spiritual reactions!
"It turned out to be like this!" A smile flashed across the corner of my mouth in the morning. I have thought of some possibilities for the lone yogi to sit quietly on time every day, and I am very sure whether the lone yogi will make a move on himself!
Tianchen’s park is close to Tianchen’s residential area and Jinghua University is located in the northeast of Haidian District, the western suburb of Jinghua City. Jinghua University, Yuanyuan and Yihe Circle are adjacent to each other. Seen from the sky, Yunmeng Mountain, Mutianyu, Daling, Dongling Mountain and Baihua Mountain form a strange trajectory, just like a Wolong looking up, but Tianchen’s park is just located in the position of Wolong Dantian.
Even if I don’t know much about feng shui, I know that the lone yogi just occupies a small spiritual pulse negative energy outlet! The yogi who is good at bending the gods and walking alone in the morning leaked a small amount like a real aura at that moment, and it was completely white. So many people came to this morning exercise! However, at this moment, the concentration of reiki here is very beneficial to those practitioners even if the lone practitioner suppresses and absorbs the extra reiki!
"Hum" a regardless of whether the lone yogi has any threat to himself, what is it that he drops down in the morning and stares at Liu Sihai coldly? Really consider yourself a loser? You can pinch your sex as much as you want. Tianchenxin sneered at the move just now, which not only shocked the lone yogi, but also exerted great pressure on Liu Sihai!
Cold sweat flowed from Liu Sihai’s head, but the two bodyguards around Liu Sihai were also under pressure. They kept a close eye on the morning and didn’t doubt that once they really taught Liu Sihai a lesson, the two bodyguards might completely see the morning as powerful and have a suicide attack!
In addition to Liu Sihai and the two bodyguards, his beauty and male brother are also watching Tianchen’s move. Although Liu Sihai is asking for directions, if something happens to Liu Sihai, they are also like the Liu family. I’m afraid they will inevitably start work on Tianchen when there are too many moves in the morning, even though they know that even if they add up, they may not be a top-level opponent.
A cold wind blew …
After a few seconds of silence, I smiled in the morning. It seems that it is time to stop. It is not a clever move to start before knowing the real strength and power of the opponent. Today’s move can shock the present level and has reached my expectations!
Turn around, everyone is startled, Zhong Tianchen patted his body, and he bought a new dress to soak up beautiful women. However, he left smartly, but even the lone yogi didn’t find a shadow that was so light that he could hardly see it. He had struggled for a long time in his hand, and gradually weakened as he struggled away from this shadow.
"Call" the nangongshan think rain lovely exhaled a silent some palpitations to the officer flow snow said "elder sister! This handsome boy gives a lot of pressure … "
Officer pity snow is a thoughtful look. It seems that Tianchen’s impact on her is not small. No one in this generation of young people can surpass himself. Officer pity snow is also a pressure from the bottom of my heart that even she didn’t resist!
Looking at his sisters, they have already stopped their homework, and the official pity the snow for "ahem". They called the people to continue their unfinished homework today. It was secretly remembered that this person had a broader investigation against the morning, and everyone went home separately …
Back to my humble abode in the morning, I immediately sorted out a ban and threw out a large shadow.
Seeing that the shadow was not bound all the way in the morning, it slowly enlarged from a small shadow group to a child’s size, then divided into seven shadow groups again, and then became bigger until it became seven adults.
At this time, seven black shadows have become five adults wearing strange ornaments, and the evil wind has not come. The strange laughter from the morning room fills every corner of the morning room.
Morning eyebrows a wrinkly waved the imperial spirit’s breath suddenly gushed out from the seven orifices in Tianchen Dantian, and when waving, seven spirits shot straight into the five ghosts’ Yang orifices, which were haunted by a ghost’s memory. Once controlled here, the imperial spirit’s breath will be able to really control these five ghosts with the strength of ghosts.
Even in the morning, I didn’t expect the lone yogi to occupy the bottom of the outlet of the small spiritual vein. Not only can he release a lot of aura at a certain time every day, but he can also suppress a lot of ghostly spirits. However, except for the triple-sighted people in the morning, he can find the spiritual vein and aura. For these ghosts who are nourished by the spiritual vein, no one has found it except in the morning. Perhaps these spirits have no hearts, and it is unknown.
However, when the lone yogi revealed the spiritual pulse in the morning, he had already discovered that this spiritual pulse was tricky! This variation in the number of ghostly spirits stimulated the early morning of the Imperial Divine Sect, and almost wanted to seize the spiritual pulse directly, but when I calmed down, I had to consider the strength of the lone yogi the day after tomorrow, but now I have absolutely no strength to beat the lone yogi away!
And even if Tianchen has the strength to kill the lone yogi, it is also possible to determine whether this powerful Beijing will also have other forces. The envy of Tianchen occupies this small vein, but it is too deep for Tianchen to start work.
However, even if these five ghosts were secretly captured by Tianchen while everyone was paying attention to Tianchen, it was enough to make Tianchen excited! For the first time, I officially took a rest and took five ghosts. Even the cheap master Yu Xuan didn’t have that luck, did he?
Looking at the seven ghosts that have gradually stabilized, the more I look at them, the more pleasing I am. In addition, this original occupation has gradually stopped contradicting the ghost bender, and the ghost bender is much more cattle than the necromancer!
"Five ghosts will! Four imps will reach the prefecture-level peak, and a GREAT GHOST will already be a day-level strength. It seems that this ghost is not the same as being nourished by the spirit pulse! I don’t know how many ghosts are hidden on this side. If I take pictures of them, I’m afraid that Yushenzong was the first to take pictures of so many ghosts before reaching the yellow level. " Tianchen sighed and saw five ghosts who were completely stable and waved their hands. Five ghosts have already entered the new spirit class of Tianchen.