"Bullshit, Duke Fu Dog ~ Son of a bitch, arbitration church, come on, come on, hahaha!"

"Ha ha ha"
There are still dozens of people left in Juxian Pavilion laughing wildly. This kind of laughter makes only dozens of people left in the Duke’s Mansion and the Arbitration Church feel a chill. The morale is gradually fading, and the rest is a sense of failure. I am sincerely afraid of Juxian Pavilion’s fighting capacity and the fear of unity like a wolf.
This power is really beyond Zheng Ancheng’s decision, and everyone knows that the strongest person in Juxian Pavilion has not yet appeared. Once that person appears, no one can touch it.
This kind of fighting has lost its meaning to the people left in the Lord’s mansion and the arbitration church. They have no fighting spirit left, and if a person is afraid of death, his chance of dying first is the greatest.
Suddenly, a headhunter threw his weapon "surrender, I surrender"
Before the headhunter, a Juxian Pavilion man was about to cut the knife when he stopped. Before the headhunter, he didn’t cut it. He took back his knife and landed on the ground. Then he looked around with a smile and covered almost the whole beach. There were many people in it, including many brothers and many enemies.
The remaining dozens of people followed suit and lost their weapons one by one. It’s not that they are weak, but that they are too tired to support their bodies to fight.
Everyone in Juxian Pavilion also stopped, and the remaining dozens of people all stood on the ground with weapons to keep their bodies from falling down. They all looked around at the beach people and then gathered together.
Everyone smiled proudly, smiling with the joy of victory and desolation after the battle, and they all shed tears. So much was lost and too many people died in such a battle. Look, the color of the sea is red. That is the blood of brothers.
"Hua, why did you just kill them? Are you going to watch me die in their hands?" In the face of Chang Ziteng’s attack on Yang Xue, she has become more and more embarrassed. She took a look back at Wu Hua in her busy schedule and said jiao
At this time, whether it is Yang Xue or Chang Ziteng has reached the limit, but both of them have Wu Shen-level strength, which is much more vigorous than ordinary people, and Chang Ziteng’s extremely hot Yanglingzhu energy is also abundant and equal to Yang Xue’s. At this time, no one can hold on to it.
But Yang Xue is a woman after all, no matter how cruel and heartless she is, it can’t change the fact that she is a woman with no advantage in physical strength, fighting spirit and momentum.
But it’s hard to conclude that everyone has reached the limit of * * now, but there is still a duke who didn’t take part in the battle. Once Wu Huashen comes in, Juxian Pavilion will be defeated and the price to pay will be painful.
Before Feng Yang left, he ordered the Dragon Brother to keep Huatian and others at all times. Until now, he still hasn’t seen the departure. Maybe it’s still waiting or there may be other things. No one knows this.
Wu Hua saw that Yang Xue had been losing ground. However, when his murder turned to Chang Ziteng, his heart was so incomparable that he was in agony, but the pain was instantly relieved. Although it still hurt, it was not enough to affect anything.
He straightened up and suddenly flew up and instantly arrived at Yang Xue’s side. He stretched out his hand and stopped Yang Xue’s waist force. He dragged Yang Xue to his side and immediately slapped Chang Ziteng in the past.
Chang Ziteng’s fighting capacity at this time is like Wu Hua’s opponent facing Wu Hua’s attack root, and he has no ability to resist it. He was hit by Wu Hua’s palm and his body suddenly flew out to kill God and landed, spraying one mouthful blood on his face.
"Go to hell" Wu Hua suddenly raised the ring from the object and took it out. Fei Lian machete jumped out of the hands of several zhangs with a step. The broadsword was raised high with fierce pressure and cut through the air. With the violent wind whistling, it was severely chopped at the beach.
"Stop it" You Xueer looked at her face and ran quickly to the front of Chang Zi Teng. She looked at the unavoidable knife and looked at this man who would burst into tears every night. She smiled at her mouth and her heart was afraid and fear disappeared. She just stared at Wu Hua and waited for him to fall with a bright and free smile.
"Cher, hide!" Chang Ziteng roared. This is the first time this melancholy man has roared out in such a demeanour tone.
Chang Ziteng, however, tried to prop up his body, let alone push Eucher.
Everyone was stunned and stupefied for an instant, watching Euchel Wu Hua fall down.
Yang Xue also looked at her heart, and naturally her thoughts would not be the same as others. Her heart eagerly hoped that Wu Hua would split Eucher in half with this knife. She had been waiting for this moment for a long time.
However, Wu Huaxin twitched violently at this moment, which made his whole body strength as if he had been smoked for a moment. But just now, the kind of strength chopping off the knife produced inertial force, which was enough to chop Michelle into two parts.
Suddenly, Wu Hua’s mind suddenly recalled that he had been dreaming the same dream for four years, just like an unforgettable but clear memory.
"Ah," Wu Hua suddenly burst into a powerful horse with a sudden burst of power, and threatened to forcibly stop the knife from falling. When Fei Lian machete was one inch away from Eucher’s head, he abruptly threw the knife out and killed God and deeply inserted it into the beach.
And Euchel’s forehead skin was cut by Gangfeng just now, and blood dripped from her eyes and nose along her forehead, making her pure face seem to be divided by a red line.
"I know you can’t do it," murmured Michelle, with that smile on her lips. I don’t know whether to say it to myself or to Wu Hua.
Wu Hua’s heart hurts again, which makes him look more ferocious. The pain in his head also makes him feel that his head is exploding. He is in pain, holding his head and screaming. What’s the pain in her heart? What’s the pain in her mind? What’s her dream? What happened before me?