The Black Armored Army has a total of four leaders, and each leader must choose the two centurions with the worst strength.

"Tian Chan brother, our first strength is worse than yours, and there are many" Tengqingshan suddenly looked into the distance in the middle of the words "Hey, look over there"
"Huh?" Tian Chan also confused.
Through the lush trees and flowers, I can vaguely see a figure in the distant mountain road.
"Shiraki?" Tian Chan surprised way "he mountain? Today is the day when the coolies are in the mountains … What can he do if he manages the mountains? " Understanding by Tian Dan method
"It’s a little unusual." Teng Qingshan frowned and then turned to Tian Chan and smiled. "Brother Tian Chan, let’s go and see."
"Well," Tian Chan also became interested.
Two people each holding a weapon even followed the past.
"My Lord!"
"My Lord!"
Bai Qi walks on the mountain road. Some mountains and mountain guards immediately saluted when they saw Bai Qi.
Bai Qi frowned and stared at the middle-aged Han figure more than 20 feet away in the distance. "This mountain road is so Tahee that I want to be discovered by them. Especially from the middle-aged man, Zijin was found by the surrounding soldiers and guards, and that would be bad."
Shiraki resisted impatience and followed all the way.
This mountain road is the most lively.
Because the mountain also has a group of soldiers and guards who are specially guarding and waiting on the horses, the soldiers and guards in the mountain often change shifts to deliver food, etc. This mountain road often sees soldiers and guards.
It seems common for middle-aged Han’ Li Laosan’ to go up the mountain with his hard workers.
"Hi Li Laosan? You’ve earned a lot of money for half a year in one breath. Go back to your wife and be sure to get ready to warm up the bed with dining tables. "
"Me? If my wife is so good, I won’t leave home! " Li Laosan snorted. At the same time, Li Laosan seemed very casual. Looking back at the figure in the distance surprised him. "What did this big man of the Black Armored Army stare at me for a long time and now follow me for?"
Of course, the more you think about it, the more you doubt it.
"No, it’s impossible. He can’t find out." Li Laosan couldn’t think of where he would give away the clues.
"Well, Dong Boss will be fine when he meets Dong Boss at the foot of the mountain. After this big event, he can enjoy a generation of wealth!" Li Laosan fought back his anxiety, so he casually talked with the hard workers around him and walked towards the mountain.
Bai Qi stared at the middle-aged Han coldly. Such a vulgar Han root in his eyes is easy to get. What he needs to consider now is-don’t be seen by Bing Wei killing people and finding Zijin.
"You live a little longer first." Shiraki followed him like this and was not afraid of the other party finding him.
Li Laosan and Bai Qi came to the mountain in tandem.
Of course, there are Tengqingshan and Tian Chan behind them.
Bai Qi’s pupil suddenly shrank. "It’s at the foot of the mountain!" Suddenly, Bai Qi’s speed was accelerated, and Li Laosan and his hard work immediately disappeared as soon as he turned a corner next to him. Among Bai Qi’s vision, several breaths rushed to the foot of the mountain, and he immediately looked in the direction of the road.
"Boss Dong!" The Li Laosan saw the distant figure and the steeds galloping past immediately.
Bai Qi’s face was ferocious. "Let’s die together!" There are several hard workers and soldiers around, and the other side has a fighting horse. Shiraki has not considered too much.
"Hoo!" "Hoo!"
Display the flying skill of Bai Qi as if a gust of wind quickly approached Li Laosan.
Li Laosan looked back and couldn’t help but be frightened. "Boss Dong, help!" At the same time, his legs pushed hard to the ground, but the purple gold bag tied to his right leg was too heavy for him to run fast.
"What person!" The tall, fat strong man with a thick black iron mace in one hand thundered.
Shirazaki sneers at a waiting identity? What about a little thief?
"Die!" Bai Qi disdained a smile and instantly stabbed the Li Laosan Li Laosan in horror. "Help! ! !” But in the distance, Dong Yan and other four people couldn’t save him. He heard a "poof-poof" and the spear head pierced Li Laosan’s throat from behind.
Li Laosan’s eyes were rolling.
Original …
He was about to get a big fortune, but at the last moment he died!