After thinking about this, Zhuo Qiang really wants to slap himself. He really regards kindness as a donkey’s liver and lung!

"Well, I was wrong about my good wife just now. Do you have any good ideas?" Zhuojiang low to Christie said
Christie threw her head up. "What can I do? I will talk nonsense! "
"You little! Don’t let the people in the house hear you! " ZhuoJiang busy low stopped Christie high voice.
"Afraid of what? Anyway, the girl in the room is neither your relative nor your girlfriend. Why are you so nervous? " Christie’s voice is still not down half a point.
Zhuo Qiang was completely at a loss for fear of continuing to stab the house gangsters, and he dared not talk to Christie any more, otherwise it would be counterproductive and hurt Jing Tian, and both of them would lose more than gain.
Looked at his watch, Ceng Guomin will take nearly ten minutes to get here at the earliest, but Zhuo Qiang is a little impatient.
At this time, Ma Yuanhang, they all gathered around to keep Zhuo Qiang waiting for his orders.
Zhuo Qiang was cruel and cruel. He took out two guns and handed them to Liu Xiaolei. He took them and prepared to race.
Seeing Zhuo Qiang take out his gun, Christie put it on the shelf and approached him and asked, "What would you do if the bad guys in there also pointed a gun at your girlfriend and threatened to throw it away?"
Zhuo Qiang paused and said, "I may listen to him and throw away the gun!"
Then his horse said, "Who told you it was my girlfriend?"
Christie disdainfully said, "since you are not your girlfriend, why did you put yourself in danger by killing her?" Since you are going to take a gun in and then throw it away, what are you doing in there? "
Zhuo Qiang said to Christie that he was right at all. His words have exposed the identity of the hostage in the house, and if the other party has a gun, it won’t do anything if he goes in with it himself.
Even if he is a sharpshooter, he wouldn’t dare to point a gun at Jing Tian. If anything happens to Jing Tian, he won’t feel at ease for the rest of his life.
Such a thought ZhuoJiang hesitated again.
"But what if they don’t have guns?" Ye Chuchu came up with his own ideas.
Christie smiled and pointed to his head.
Zhuo Qiang immediately understood that Christie has the ability to see through walls. No wonder she is so sure.
But in this way, Zhuo Qiang is even more worried. The gunman has a gun in his hand and added a lot of difficulties to this rescue.
Look at Zhuo Qiang. Christie proudly pointed to his nose.
"Do you have an idea?" Zhuo Qiang certainly knows that Christie is the strongest among several people in the field, and she may also have many unknown mysterious abilities. If she can make a move, she will definitely win more.
Christie nodded slightly, so-called sending Buddha to the west. Now that he has come, this man is naturally going to save.
Just now, she was not nervous because she knew the situation in the room very well and knew that the two girls were not in danger for the time being.
Of course, there is another point, that is, a girl in the room is probably Zhuo Qiang’s ex-girlfriend, and she is resistant from the bottom of her heart.
But if she doesn’t lend a helping hand, I’m afraid Zhuo Qiang will hate her generation to save lives, and it’s an arrow that has to be sent.
At this time, Christie’s heart is struggling, and it is also very uncomfortable. When she saw that Zhuo Qiang made all efforts to rescue his ex-girlfriend, who was her rival in love, her heart was dull.
But she later realized that this girl is only Zhuo Qiang’s ex-girlfriend. How can she compare with her current girlfriend?
And it was her sudden appearance that made this poor girl girl lose her lover. She is also an emotional victim!
After figuring this out, Christie decided to help Zhuo Qiang.
Zhuo Qiang took a grateful look at Christie. This prospective wife is really considerate of herself. She knows that there is her ex-girlfriend and she is also a hero among women.
Christie angrily stared at ZhuoJiang hand hello Ma Yuanhang and Liu Xiaolei two people let them prepare to hit the door.
The ability of Yima to sail and Liu Xiaolei is three or five times stronger than this ordinary wooden door, and the iron gate can’t stop their strong power.
Christie moved five or six meters in front of the door and made a gesture of preparing for a sprint.
Ma Yuanhang and Liu Xiaolei saw that Christie was ready and the horse moved.
They rushed to the door from a few steps away, and when they approached the door, they started to listen to the sound of "Mao" and the whole wooden door flew into the house.
63 monsters show their power
After the door was hit, Zhuo Qiang tried to see the room clearly, but because it was too dark and Christie had rushed over, he diverted his attention and didn’t see anything clearly.
As soon as Christie rushed into the room, Zhuo Qiang heard a gunshot and he suddenly felt dizzy. Jing Tian, don’t have an accident.
If Jing Tian is hurt by his reckless saving, how can he tell Tian Ji?