"Look! There is a row of strange writing marks here, which seems to have been engraved soon! " The baby suddenly got up and screamed in a corner.

All the horses turned and gathered around in succession.
Nan Rong Phantom took the lead in going to Baobao Long’s side with a smiling face and said, "It has to be my baby that ordinary people can’t! Great achievements have been made again! "
The baby turned around and ran south glory magic cheek again with one punch.
Nan Rong’s illusion flickered away from the baby, and his fist bent over with anger and his face became serious. He looked at a row of words engraved on the stone wall and said with a frown, "What a strange word. Let me have a look …"
At this time, everyone has gathered around, and Xiahou Chaojun and Monsieur beaucaire Ling are monitoring the entrance with Muyang, feeling the strange aura.
At this time, the situation should not be careless, and there should be no carelessness.
Yang Ye was the first to rush over, followed by Lan Yao, and the two men kept pulling together. Lan Yao didn’t know what would happen to her, but she suddenly wanted to rely on Yang Ye’s side. Maybe she was worried that Yang Ye would be nervous and stressed? No, no, no,no. Lan Yao beheaded when he took Yang Ye’s hand, that kind of kindness and trust was a long time ago, and he was looking for it himself and needed it most when he was indifferent for so long.
That feeling seems to be at the beginning … No! This isn’t a night royal autumn, this is a red dagger! Lan Yao cut her ridiculous thoughts again and again, and she was afraid to treat Yang night as a night for imperial autumn, because it was unfair to Yang night.
But why can Yang always feel the kindness and trust that the night royal autumn once brought to him?
At this time, Yang Ye didn’t notice the change of Lan Yao’s chop around him. He ignored his hand pulling Lan Yao’s chop because of the small row of words engraved on the stone wall in his attention department. The words were very strange, but Yang Ye felt very familiar with them. He realized that every word gently comforted his heart like one hand.
Nan Rong Magic also bent over the stone wall and looked at his eyes, but from time to time he left the baby behind him. He had a faint feeling that the baby had changed to himself from sending Xi Shi and Zheng Dan back to their own. Could it be …
"Do you understand?" Baby long while staring at the south glory illusion she is still a face of anger.
"Writing is ahem, I …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
"ah? !” Aside Yang Ye was surprised. "What did you say?"
Floating life stretched out his hand and pulled Nan Rong’s phantom face, smiled and shook his head and said, "Hehehehu said that this is a ghost symbol. Do you really recognize it?" Said and looked at it. "It seems that Chi Lian really hid in advance and left a message for us to contact."
"Look at me, I said that red refining is very clever." Honghua Doutai laughed proudly.
Floating life looked up at Yang night. "Red Bi, you couldn’t find ghost energy, otherwise you will naturally know these ghost characters when you get ghost energy." Then he bowed his head and continued to look at the words and looked at his face and became surprised.
"What’s the matter?" Yang night felt the floating look strange nasty asked.
Floating life slowly raised his head. wait for a while looked around at everyone around him. "Red Lian left a message about her underwater." He looked straight at Yang Ye’s face. "Her underwater ghost!"
Yang night some doubts.
When crossing the door, there was a question in Yang Ye’s mind. What exactly was that millennium? Protoss red smelting is their own matrix. Is it really there? So what about this Millennium? What are the protoss three owls?
But this list of questions haven’t waited for Yang Yefa to ask questions. There have been many people crossing the door, such as Fu Sheng, Hong Hua Dou Tai and Mrs. Yang Lao, who have entered the root one after another, without giving Yang Yefa a chance to ask questions. Lan Yaojian is also worried about the change of the situation and Yang Yefa’s safety. He took him and jumped into the door together.
Xiahou Chaojun, Ciren Valley, Guiling, the scorching sun and Baobaolong disappeared one by one, and the main foreign land suddenly became cold and cheerless when they crossed the red gate.
Nan Rong Magic struggled to get up from the ground and took a look at the red domain master. He raised his hand and wiped his nose with blood. He smiled at the red domain master and lifted his leg and rushed through the door.
But when his horse jumped into the door, the master of the red domain turned out to be a hand and turned his wrist slightly, and the "swish" of crossing the door disappeared!
South glory illusion has jumped up vertically and lost its goal. That beautiful leap has no meaning on the spot. Silly jump on a piece of white feet in front and stumble a few steps forward after landing. Then suddenly turn back and look straight. wait for a while looks at the red domain owner and is at a loss.
"Domain master you this is …"
Red domain Lord smiled a pair of red sunglasses and pushed them to his eyes and said, "Night attack, be calm. I’ve been contacted over there. Wait for them to come back. You can go together or have a care."
"Which side of you? Who are you going with? " Nanrong illusion is getting more and more confused.
The Red Domain Master smiled and approached Nanrong Magic a few steps and said in a low voice, "You know my body domain master during the night raid, but practically speaking, almost no one has any respect for me. I didn’t even have a monk when I was in my place. If Xiupo hadn’t told me that the ghost clan’s red dagger had fallen, I might have been a polished domain master all the time." The Red Domain Master said with a deep expression, shook his head slightly and sighed, then suddenly raised his face and looked at Nanrong Magic and said, "Good to get the red dagger and get you! Then the scorching sun and the blue demon were transferred from the white domain master! How lucky I am! Look at our monks more and more growing, I just have a little bit of self-confidence as a domain master. "
South glory illusion still leng root don’t know what’s the meaning of red domain master.
"Of course! I am the luckiest to get you! I really want to wake up laughing in my dreams when the Bone Clan attacked us at night! " The Lord of Red Domain suddenly raised his voice and took the shoulder of Nan Rong Magic with one hand.
Nan Rong looked at the red domain owner with a dull expression and hesitated. "Domain owner, what are you trying to say?"
"I’m trying to say-"Red Lord slowly put his arm and looked at Nan Rong with a low tone. "It’s not easy to sneak up on me at night! I don’t want anything to happen to our monks, but I hope that our monks will become more and more powerful. Hehe, as a leader, who doesn’t want their jurisdiction to grow stronger and stronger? "
"I … I’m still not too white." Nan Rong looked at the red domain owner in confusion and shook his head slowly.
Just then, not far away, I suddenly flashed through the door, and then two figures jumped out quickly. When you look at Nan Rong’s illusion, it’s crazy to jump out first, but the one behind … Isn’t that Muyangzheng?
Crazy Sui and Muyang are out of the door. First, they salute the Lord of Red Domain, and then they turn to see Nanrong Illusion. After that, Muyang is ordering Hehe to come over and politely say "Nanrong Big Brother" to him.