After a long time, the light in the cave is getting weaker and weaker, and the smell of the cave is gradually weakening. From time to time, the cave has recovered its original appearance. Perhaps the cave body has not changed, but it is just the smell of light. However, what is the smell and light nearby?

It is not a problem if this body is produced. If it is not stupid or blind, it is not difficult to know that it is from Ye Rou’s body and the last jade that has just surfaced.
But this reason is very god thought for a long time, Ye Lengling didn’t think white, and for Yan Xin, she couldn’t find the reason for everything today, let alone the reason for the light and breath.
However, things are often the easiest to solve. Although Ye Han and others can’t figure out the truth, the truth soon surfaced, not only but also automatically.
It didn’t take long for the middle leaf of the suspended cave to be soft and disappear with the breath light, and the body darkened and fell involuntarily from it. Ye Han saw it and immediately called it bad. He threw himself into his arms before landing.
Because of impatience, Ye Han didn’t think that his hug didn’t matter, but it felt a little unusual. The soft and suffocating feeling was not so easy to forget or give up. At first glance, he found that he was holding Ye Ruan’s waist with one hand, but the other hand was obviously in the wrong position, and he just put it on his ass!
"melody nowadays!" The girl sings softly to Ye Han, and suddenly she feels crisp and tender. There is a sense of restraint and impulse. However, this impulse soon disappears and turns to his heart, which is a great surprise.
Rou Er, are you awake? When a girl’s sensitive place is touched, she sings softly. Some heart-shaped men, Ye Han, naturally have some difficulties in self-control. However, this kind of singing also surprises him. If this is caused by a woman’s keen sense, can it prove that this woman is alive?
Of course, the dead can’t whisper Ye Han and don’t believe that he actually sprayed into the ghost place. Soon he decided that he was holding Ye Rou in his arms, and his eyes fell into his arms inadvertently. The woman’s face really saw Ye Rou’s eyes open.
Of course, this is the key point, but Ye Han saw another key point. Ye Rou not only woke up, but also his face slowly returned to normal. What’s more, at this moment, Ye Rou’s face was a little shy. Obviously, his body had a feeling. It happened that Ye Han made her have a deeper feeling before she blushed.
Ye Han, who was rude to himself just now, ignored it directly, or he thought that he couldn’t blame himself for this matter. He blamed himself for picking up people and picking them up. What’s wrong with holding someone’s ass? It’s a disaster, isn’t it? It’s a pleasure to say it!
The girl’s shyness never stops. Ye Han took a soft white look. It seems that she doesn’t know anything about what she just came out of death, and she knows that it is the only way to know that she has her own skin being attacked by Ye Han.
Ye Han didn’t realize this. He felt that it would be worthwhile for Ye Rou to appear in front of him normally. If he didn’t feel everything clearly, he would like to invade Ye Rou’s body again to see if what he is seeing is true.
Everything is so real, Ye Han dare not deceive himself, and she doesn’t want to deceive herself. Ye Rou really woke up. Seeing this situation, maybe he would rather believe it than say that he is living in a fantasy.
It’s better to give up the shyness in my heart and be abandoned by Ye Han’s frivolous things. Although she doesn’t know what happened or what she will appear in this cave, she doesn’t know what Leng Lingyanxin will be here, but she knows that she has been Ye Han’s wife before.
Husband and wife are more intimate and more frivolous. That’s normal. Ye Rou knows that she can be resigned even if she is here by Ye Han. The only thing she doesn’t want to be resigned is that if there are two other women in this cave who are looked at by them, it’s somewhat bad.
Ye Han didn’t think much and didn’t know if Ye Rou wanted to be happy. After accepting the news of Ye Rou’s resurrection, he didn’t forget to look at Yan Xin to see if she could find a fusion opportunity and really get the fate.
Things are going well. Because of the treatment of Ye Rou jade, Yan Xin didn’t merge immediately. Now that Ye Rou has woken up, the jade is finished, so he came to Yan Xin’s side ~
The third world fusion is blocked.
The jade with phlogistic spirit exudes a faint light, although it is not as dazzling as before, but it is still particularly conspicuous in some dark caves. However, on this basis, it will be gone. His abnormal feature is that when he is close to Yan Xin’s body, he doesn’t know how to stop and seems to hesitate!
Yan Xin stared at the jade and lost his mind for a while. After a long time, he didn’t see the jade moving, so he suddenly looked at Ye Han and seemed to get the reason why jade was forbidden from him.
Ye Han is also very puzzled to see this situation. Although he has a cold jade, he knows everything about this jade except that it is connected with the life star and the life star.
Therefore, Lengling became the key for everyone to solve the mystery. However, when everyone looked at her with the same eyes, her face was full of doubts. Obviously, she was also indecisive and uncertain about what was happening in front of her.
Hands slowly lifted Lengling’s left hand to support Ba and looked at the jade not far away. After a long time of deliberation, he suddenly laughed. "I know why. I know the main reason why jade doesn’t want to enter her body!"
After listening to Lengling’s preliminary explanation, everyone not only failed to understand it, but also understood it better. What is the answer? If you want to say it directly, why should you beat around the bush? Isn’t this killing everyone’s patience?
Lengling didn’t kill everyone’s patience. The idea is that what she thought just now is really a little hard to say. Of course, she also knows that there is nothing to hide in this situation, and she also knows that everyone agrees that it is to find out the matter as soon as possible. After some hesitation, she will be embarrassed to tell the truth!
It turns out that this jade with two properties of inflammation and cold follows the law of yin and yang of heaven and earth to form the so-called yin and yang, which is the two properties that heaven and earth are opposed to. It is precisely because these two properties are opposed to each other that to some extent, yin and yang are two properties that are not mutually compatible.
Yin-yang and Qi are exactly the opposite of these two properties. Nowadays, this situation has become obvious. If you want to merge the jade and jade, you must find the same property or find the property that can balance Yin-yang and Qi.
Naturally, Yan Xinxian doesn’t have the nature of heaven, earth, yin and yang, and she is also a pure woman, yin and yang. This Yan Xinxian is a women’s home, and her nature should belong to yin, so the pure fire and yang in Yan Ling jade are combined!
Since the compatibility path is desirable, there can be another method to follow, and this method is the balance of yin and yang, which is not so simple, but it is also extremely difficult to achieve this step
Natural difficulties do not mean that there is no way to relieve inflammation and euphoria, which usually happens to be the nemesis of yang qi. It is not difficult to coordinate yin and yang with this point, but it seems that this method has been lost now.
This is also the main reason why Lengling was silent in the past. Although Yan Xin is a feminine body in Lengling’s idea, it is not a pure yin body. If it was put in the past, it might still be effective. But now she has lost the pure yin body and no longer wants to balance the yang qi in Yan Ling jade. It is impossible.
Of course, Ye Han’s idea is much simpler. Maybe it’s not simple, but he can’t figure out what this inflammation is not pure yin, so it’s the yang in the jade of Heng Yan Ling, but the oasis leaves were soft and could easily do this.
Ye Han soon thought of a very important thing. Because of this, his heart did not know how many times he was secretly happy. On the surface, Ye Rou was already a married woman and should no longer be a perfect match, but no one thought that she was still a woman with a pure vagina.
It seems that Ye Rou herself is aware of this. Before the truth really surfaced, she was already shy. Think about how she was married for half a year and was still an unfinished girl.
However, this embarrassment is full of joy in her heart, and she keeps her body intact. The purpose is not to betray her sincerity. Perhaps in other words, she has already secretly promised herself to Ye Han not only sincerely but also physically.
In the past six months, although she was a husband and wife in name, the actual ceremony of husband and wife was not a real husband and wife. In this respect, he was worthy of Ye Han’s death when she watched Yan Xuan in the oasis, but she struggled to think whether she was sorry for Yan Xuan.
The answer is obvious. She is really sorry for Yan Xuan in the past six months, but what can it do? Her real love is Ye Han, who is desperate, but at that time she was still hesitant and thought of being dead.
Ye Han chose Ye Rou to get married at the beginning, although he didn’t struggle much in this respect, but he also struggled intentionally, because he was really reluctant to accept that a woman he loved lost her perfect wall and then married himself. This feeling is very bad.
Fortunately, in the end, he finally figured out that his deep love was not Ye Rou’s perfect body, but her, the person who extended his hands to warm himself when he was most helpful. She found the initial warmth. If he wanted to marry her, it would be enough!
Of course, Ye Rouxin also struggled. During the struggle, she was also white. Although she was married, Ye Han kept a chastity. At this point, she didn’t finish. I’m sorry for Ye Han. Finally, she didn’t refuse Ye Han’s request and promised him to marry.