Yang night hugs Ruyan, that is, Ruyan slows down, feels shy and wants to struggle, and Yang night will never give up.

"Ruyan, are you … willing to come with me?"
"Where to?" Ruyan had already given up the struggle and lay quietly in Yang’s arms at night.
"Home" You used to be familiar with home, Yang Yeqing said.
"You take me away? Home? Is it far? " RuYan some doubts upturned face looking at Yang night.
Yang Ye stared at Ruyan’s eyes and reached out and wiped her cheek with tears. "Ruyan, I have to tell you that I’m going to take you to a world that is almost the same as it is now, but it’s far away from here. You may never see your familiar people here again, and another generation will never come back. You will have a new life. I can promise to make you happy. Do you understand?"
Ruyan listened to Yang’s night talk, first surprised, then slowly bowed his head and became hesitant. "Brother Yang, you mean … I’ll never come back after I left with you?"
"Yes" Yang night nodded and looked at RuYan expression trance with some worry.
Sure enough, Ruyan was silent for a long time, and she was loose, dragging Yang Ye’s arms and hands over her mouth and crying.
Yang night hesitated for a moment, and looked at Ruyan’s back at the door and said softly, "Ruyan, if you decide not to come with me, I can understand."
Ruyan didn’t speak. His back to Yang night in the room stirred up his shoulders and began to cry.
Everything is so familiar, it seems deja vu in a trance.
Yang Ye sighed gently and stepped back and said in a low voice, "If I … I don’t have time, let you think about where I have to go today … Can you give me a decision?"
Ruyan didn’t look back, her shoulders shook worse, and her tears began to grow.
These words are vaguely recalled by Yang night, as if these words were said yesterday, and the object is also Ruyan.
It was a memory before the Republic of China took Ruyan away. I didn’t expect everything to be surprisingly similar.
Yang night was silent for a while, and he felt uncomfortable in his heart. Looking at Ruyan’s back, he moved his eyes and turned up a corner of his mouth and said, "Well, Ruyan, I understand. I respect your choice, but I want you to know that there is a person in this world who will always wait for you to talk about when and where. Anyway, you know that there will always be such a person who will always love you until you die …"
I haven’t finished reciting some scenes in Langlangkou, but Ruyan has raised her head sharply before giving Yang night room to perform.
"Good" RuYan answered so simply and so seriously that Yang night was surprised. I was worried that RuYan was unprepared and came up with a lot of rhetoric.
"RuYan you …"
"I’ve been thinking about Yang Ye since you left, but I really can’t remember what I remembered before I became a maid in Yang’s family. I believe you. I am Ruyan, and you are Ruyan." Ruyan said softly, and her emotional voice turned out to be a little choked up. "Brother Yang Ye, although I don’t remember who you are, I know you love me and I … I have a feeling that I loved you before because I love you now."
If you really love each other, if a love is unforgettable, then it will inevitably be remembered and remembered, and there will be long-lost feelings.
Memory in love
Love is the heart, whether it is the heart that still beats, and everything will come back no matter how far away, vague and long-lost, which will make you white that you have been immersed in this love.
How can love be forgettable?
"Brother Yang, I can’t remember who you are, but I love you." As Yan Yan said lightly, she blushed and blushed with tears.
"Then … come with me." Yang Ye raised her hand and wiped Yan Yan’s cheek. "Can I take you home and find your forgotten hobby?"
In the wild grass at the top of the mountain, the black domain master, the smoke family drifting in Hunan, the evil spirit family mourning you and the Ci Ren Valley lie around the grass with their eyes open but motionless. The Jin family suddenly and violently beams look surprised, depressed and somewhat puzzling.
What? What a mess? Did the Jin family suddenly and violently die?
That’s right. He’s really dead.
The slightest sign is very strange, quite magical and worse than humor.
What kind of joke did you ask? Aren’t they the three masters of the black domain main door? How do you say dead is dead? Still dying so easily? So not heroic? So suddenly? So worthless?
It has been said in this chapter that the baby Long Xiao Promethean has installed the Eldar Ability Machine. The function of this machine is that Long Xiao Promethean slowly accumulates his brother’s ability and race ability, so that all the energy of Long Xiao can be produced together to produce an unusually huge energy, which suddenly explodes violently due to excessive expansion.
However, even the energy explosion of Long Xiao Department won’t do much damage to the Dark Lord, Ciren Valley and other masters, because their strength far exceeds Long Xiao’s. Imagine that a mouse can hurt or kill an elephant by accumulating all its energy to attack?
Black domain Lord and CiRenGu etc. A few people besides being shocked by a body is not splashed all over the flesh and blood.
But how did the Jin family suddenly and violently beam die?
Because of his bad luck
Just suddenly and violently Liang and several people around Long Xiao’s body, that is, the moment before Long Xiao’s body exploded, suddenly and violently Liang yawned greatly because of chatting.
It is because of this yawn that Liang suddenly died.
The reason is that Long Xiao’s body exploded with energy, and the beam was negligent in prevention and just yawned and opened its mouth.
The huge energy emitted by the explosion of Suo Longxiao’s body just poured into the mouth of Bao Liang and quickly entered the other body. The monk’s strong ability and the scale family’s ability characteristics instantly burned Bao Liang’s internal organs and left no ashes.
There is no way. No matter how strong, strong and superior, it is also the defense ability of the body and surface. Strengthening muscle density makes the attack method work, but no matter how strong the strength of the body organ theory is, it has the defense ability to exercise the internal organs.