Hearing this, Li Leiqi asked in surprise, "You said he agreed? How can it be? What the hell is going on? What did you tell him? "

Zeng Feiyang smiled and said, "I told him what is needed for a triangle attack, and he admitted that he is not better than me, but even so, he made a condition that one day if he surpasses me, he will get back the position of the first attacker. Similarly, if other teammates surpass me, they can get this position."
After hearing this, Li Leiqi smiled with relief, because he had been flying for nothing. The purpose of doing this was not only to motivate his teammates to work hard, but also to warn himself that he should not be proud and keep working hard because the people around him strive for their own goals.
Li Leiqi nodded and said, "OK, I see. Then our main tactics will be to make the triangle attack better. Oh, by the way, you also said that you would teach the players foul tactics, right?"
Li Leiqi thought for a moment and asked, "Don’t you think’ foul tactics’ are despicable?"
"Ah mean? Will it? " Zeng Feiyang chuckled, "isn’t the coach’s foul tactic the most common tactic in NBA history?" Can a team that won’t’ foul’ go far? Facts tell us that this is absolutely impossible. Even in the bull dynasty, it was very common to’ foul tactics’. Didn’t it happen often? But now some people say they are wrong? No one remembers the brilliant achievements of the bull dynasty, because the stadium is just like the battlefield, only the winner can be admired by others and the winner can be worshipped by others. If you don’t win the game with a winner’s attitude, then the team is doomed to be admired and recognized by others. "The last sentence is almost yelled out, which makes everyone in the venue look here.
Li Leiqi looked at Zeng Feiyang with amazing eyes. Every sentence was like a heavy hammer hitting his heart, especially the last sentence made Li Leiqi flash across many pictures, including NBA, CBA, international competitions and his own …
Mengtianxue came running anxiously and asked, "What’s wrong with you, coach? Feiyang, what did you just call so loud? " In the dream, snow is very anxious. She is afraid that there will be a rift between Zeng Feiyang and Li Leiqi. In this period, such a thing will seriously hurt the team’s morale and unity.
"Ha ha ha ~ ~ ~" Li Leiqi suddenly burst out laughing with excitement, excitement and happiness.
They looked at Li Leiqi doubtfully, but they clearly felt that what Li Leiqi contained in his smile did not recognize that Li Leiqi would "be angry."
Li Leiqi put away his smile and said solemnly, "You’re right, Feiyang. It’s meaningless if the game doesn’t end with the winner’s gesture!" Those secular moral opinions are just a temporary thing. Achievements can definitely cover everything. I absolutely support your idea! "
Hearing this, Zeng Feiyang and others showed a relieved smile at the same time. Zeng Feiyang was happy because Li Leiqi agreed with his point of view. Others were relieved because Li Leiqi did not have a conflict with Zeng Feiyang.
Li Leiqi clapped his hands and said, "All right, everybody stop. I have something to announce."
After hearing this, they all stopped manually and came to the front of Li Leiqi.
After everyone arrived, Li Leiqi made an expression of eyes to Zeng Feiyang and motioned for him to say it.
When instructed by Li Leiqi, Zeng Feiyang told everyone about the triangle attack and foul tactics, and everyone was taken aback, including others in the same dormitory as Zeng Feiyang, because they knew about the triangle attack and didn’t know about the foul tactics. It was too despicable and moral for everyone to resist the foul tactics, but everyone was relieved when Zeng Feiyang said his views!
Yeah! Basketball comes with a dark side. Just because you don’t mean others don’t! And once you lose the game, even if you are strong, you will be forgotten by others, because for basketball, only winners can be recognized by the world.
Li Leiqi and Zeng Feiyang were very pleased that since then, the basketball team has practiced foul tactics and triangle offense. However, since the preliminaries have been held, there is not enough practice, and everyone has decided to leave the triangle offense until the National Games, so that the Chinese team can know that Chengke University is an enemy visionary …
Chapter 37 Meet Xia Na
At two o’clock in the afternoon, the student union organized the cheerleading tryouts. According to the student union’s announcement, the cheerleading team will elect five members, including two boys and three girls, and everyone who enters the cheerleading team will have to pay 2 yuan money to make a costume-the school will give them a uniform costume, and of course there are favorable conditions, that is, no matter where the team goes in the provincial tryouts, it will take the cheerleading team, but if the team enters the national competition, it will cost a lot of money to fly to other places with the basketball team.
Men and women selected for the basketball team also need to meet some conditions.
Boys demand that they be strong and wronged.
What girls want is to have good facial features, be good at singing and dancing, and the most important thing is to have a good personality.
Seeing these requirements, everyone knows that the school wants those boys to do coolies and the girls are responsible for cheering up the basketball team. Although the boys are dissatisfied, they didn’t say anything. After all, it is impossible for them to go to the stadium to dance vigorously or take two hydrangeas to dance during the break, right?
A sea of people can be selected. The contestants and spectators are all in the playground, adding up to more than a thousand people at a time, but it is rare to see so many people, including basketball team Zeng Feiyang, Cheng Shifei and Liu Yanlei.
The three of them should have trained in the basketball hall, but they really wanted to see the cheerleading selection office, so they took a half-day off from Li Leiqi and agreed to practice for half an hour every day.
Other people want to come, but they are afraid when they hear that they need to practice for half an hour. Of course, there are a few exceptions. Liu Yang is not interested in these things at all. Wu Han is trying hard against time because he doesn’t want to be a drag and a supporting role after knowing the triangle attack system. Yang Tian wants to go, but Li Mengxue won’t let him go because he likes him now. Many people don’t want his’ boyfriend’ to be kidnapped, so he is forbidden to go out of the gym. For this matter, Yang Tian can be said to want to cry. He feels good.
Zeng Feiyang is good at everything, but one thing is bad, that is, he is very curious and wants to see anything new. This time, he won’t miss anything, so he asked for leave with Liu Yanlei to watch the audition.
However, people were blinded by curiosity, and the three of them forgot that they were the most important people in the school at this time. When they ran to the playground, they were immediately surrounded by those crazy FANS, especially those girls who had reached the point of blind worship, and they were constantly’ sexually harassed’
Surrounded by people, three people will send out some strange words from time to time.
"Miss, I know I’m good, but please don’t take off my shoes. Thank you." Zeng Feiyang
"Hey, hey, what are you doing taking off my clothes? I don’t like men …" Cheng Shifei
"Lovely young lady, please leave me. I’m not interested in plump girls." Liu Yanlei
The besieged three people regret coming here very much. The three people thought that if they had known it, they would have pretended to come again and again. There is no regret medicine to eat in this world, and they can accept their’ punishment’.
However, they also met their "savior" when they did something wrong, and that person was Xia Na, the student union minister-a person with extreme prejudice against them
Xia Na called those crazy fans and carefully looked at Zeng Feiyang, three of whom laughed sarcastically. "Hey, who am I?"! It turned out that the big stars of the basketball team have arrived … "
"Where where thank elder sister for helping us" Liu Yanlei and Cheng Shifei smirked and saw the beauty. They forgot what happened just now and were reborn. They didn’t know what Xia Na was doing. They didn’t notice the irony in Xia Na’s mouth at all.
Although Zeng Feiyang was occupied by curiosity, he was always calm. He clearly felt the irony in Xia Na’s mouth. He looked at Xia Na and finally set his eyes on Xia Na’s certificate of the student union minister wearing on his left chest, so he laughed. "Oh yes! Minister, we are very curious. Today, the audition venue asked the coach for leave to come and see it. Unfortunately, the fans found out that it was done. Now, thank you for helping us out. I think we are afraid to continue watching the audition venue. Let’s leave us first! " The last sentence is for Liu Yanlei and Cheng Shifei
Although they didn’t know that Zeng Feiyang suddenly wanted to leave, they knew that Zeng Feiyang must have his own reasons for doing so and didn’t say anything. They turned around and prepared to leave here with Zeng Feiyang.
Xia Na slightly one leng, she didn’t expect that Zeng Feiyang would leave after meeting her. She had already been brewing in her mind to humiliate them. If they just left, wouldn’t it be impossible to teach them a lesson? Competitive, she sent out the words to retain other boys for the first time, "Wait, don’t leave in a hurry! You can go to the comment box with me so that you won’t be harassed. "
The three stopped, and Zeng Feiyang turned to Xia Na and smiled. "Thank you, but no, I think we should train more well so that we can play better in the later game."
"Yes! Yes! " Liu Yanlei and Cheng Shifei chimed in
"Well, goodbye! Please take more photos after "Zeng Feiyang waved to Xia Na smartly and turned around and left with two people.
Xia Na wait for a while looked at the three people’s hearts drifting away for a long time. She read aloud, "Did he ever fly?" Ok, I remember you, and I’m so embarrassed once. I must make you look good. "Then she turned back to the comment box.
After Zeng Feiyang left for a while, Cheng Shifei finally asked, "Boss, why are you in such a hurry to leave?"
"Yes! Boss, why did you refuse that beautiful woman’s invitation? " Liu Yanlei also asked
Zeng Feiyang smiled and said, "Didn’t you hear the irony in that lady’s first sentence?"
Two people looked at each other at the same time should be "no"
Zeng Feiyang smiled bitterly and continued, "If I guess correctly, that young lady hates the basketball team, and if we stay, she will definitely be miserable today. There has been a saying since ancient times that you should never compete with a woman, that is, if you can’t be provoked by the truth, you should avoid leaving her as far as possible and get into trouble, you know?"
After listening to Zeng Feiyang’s words, the two people silently replied "white" with tacit understanding.
"Oh!" Zeng Feiyang smiled and returned to the basketball court with two people.
Zeng Feiyang didn’t know how much influence a little episode in this life had on his emotional path today! If he had known about the future, he would not have given Xia Na noodles today.
Chapter 30 World War II
At 9: 00 on January 1st, Chengke University of Science and Technology welcomed their second rival, Chengdu Jiaotong University, at home.
Chengdu Jiaotong University ranks among the weak teams in Sichuan Division, and it is the bottom team in the region every year. This year, it is similar. The day before yesterday, they were defeated by a score of 1374 from Sichuan University of Technology, which was the strongest one last year. Today, they will face the recognized big black horse in the next competition-Chengkeda is also their bad luck! Was assigned to this death squad.
The members of Chengdu Jiaotong University entered the gate of Chengdu University of Science and Technology with gloomy feelings. They had read the newspaper yesterday. They knew that Chengdu University of Science and Technology won 14,672 victory over last year’s top four and Sichuan Institute of Technology. Everyone was not optimistic about today’s competition. They expected Chengdu University of Science and Technology not to let them lose too badly. After all, they did not have the strength of Sichuan University of Science and Technology. If Chengdu University of Science and Technology really hit them like Sichuan Institute of Technology, they would definitely lose without knowing their surnames.
The coach of Chengdu Jiaotong University is well aware of the psychology of the players, but he didn’t say anything because he also expects the same thing from the players in his mind-I hope I won’t lose too badly.
A group of 13 men and 1 woman (team manager) entered the basketball stadium of Chengke University with a heavy heart. At this time, the basketball stadium was packed, and some fans even ran to the side of the stadium to watch the game at close range.