Ai Shi smiled and skipped in my mind like a shadow. Ai Shi is not as stubborn as Zhong Yi. She is simple and simple and kind, and her mouth is stubborn, but her heart is soft than anyone else.

"Come on, no one can predict this kind of thing, and don’t blame yourself too much. The result hasn’t come out yet," Yu Mu said
Zhong Yi is like a gentle wife by my side, and no one can see through her face.
"Wang Tong, is it because of me that you walked slowly today?" Zhong Yi looked at me and asked
I stopped looking at Zhong Yi and froze.
"If you are in a normal state of mind, you can’t even notice a car when you cross the street. Is it related to me that you usually react quickly?" Zhong Yi stared at my eyes and said
"If I don’t have anything with you and myself, if I always believe that none of these things will happen to you, blame me!" I’m tearing at my hair. Who can understand my pain now?
The ultimate reason for these things is because of me.
But I can’t change these things by my personal ability!
Can I still jump to the competition venue after suffering the blow of Zhong Yi?
But now that the fact comes out, Zhong Yi’s story is that Chen Mo and Zhong Yi have teamed up to lay a foundation, which is not true.
Can I change all these things?
Everything seems to be doomed to be interlocking. If it is to accept happiness and destroy one’s happiness, then I don’t want Chen Mo to die, and I don’t want anything to happen to Ai Shi. Good people always live short and bad people live for thousands of years.
No, Ashley won’t be short-lived. She will be fine! Sure!
I can’t bear these ups and downs.
But I should bear it like a man
I can’t continue to be negative when I am in trouble, and my identity will be completely changed. I can’t think about negative things and feel sorry for myself. I should think about how to solve it. I should think about how to better face what has happened instead of regretting it.
I am a phoenix tree that blocks the sun.
Instead of rotting the small tung tree at the root when it is flooded.
I slowly calmed down to sort out my complicated mentality. I helped to knit a red rope bracelet with my hand. This was when I left YG Youth Training Department for Wuhan headquarters. Aishi tied it for me and told me that it was a prayer for peace. She prayed for blessings in the temple. It was very clever because Aishi wanted it. I always wore it in my hand until I took a shower.
I hold this bracelet in my palm.
I never believed in these buddhas or christ before.
Now I hold the bracelet tightly in my palm and close my eyes.
One mind does not seek illness, and the other does not seek difficulties in life.
Good medicine for suffering, relief from adversity
Pray for Buddha’s blessing and help her through life’s hardships, and my brother will repent.
Chapter 46 Sleeping
A group of people waited anxiously outside the ward for more than two short periods without a doctor coming out.
Yu Mu and I have been smoking stuffy cigarettes and have never felt that two hours are so difficult.
"The door is hit!" My elbow propped me up.
After I threw the cigarette butt to the ground and trampled it out, I really saw the front operating room knocking at the door.