After flying over several hills, I will reach the peak where my Taoist temple is located. All of a sudden, my mind was in a panic, and my vigilance suddenly rose. Just less than 100 meters away from him, the space trembled violently, and the Alexander array was broken in an instant, and a line of more than ten people flew in.

In an instant, Qing Haozi has judged that people belong to the same family, because the guardian mountain array is not forcibly broken, only familiar people. In order to open the large array silently.
Since it is the same door. Qing Haozi raised a little curiosity in his heart for no reason, before the master’s generation closed down. The master has been strictly ordered to go out, and those who want to go back to the mountain gate must pass strict inspection before they can be released.
After all, after many years away from home, whether you are loyal or not is anyone’s guess. These days, you can live better with a skeptical heart.
When more than a dozen people got their feet up, Qing Haozi immediately woke up. At this time, he was free to go in and out. Naturally, only the guy who was red and purple, holding the palm to teach Yu Fu, and only the agent palm to teach, could he have such a big privilege.
A burst of regret in my heart, for this teacher younger brother, who has always been looked down upon, Qing Haozi really doesn’t know how to face it. Although he has just thought it over by the lake, he can really meet, but he is still a little rusty, and I don’t know where to start.
However, Qing Haozi also knows that it is impossible to avoid it at this moment. After a while of helplessness, he can only crustily skin of head and go forward and respectfully salute: "Qing Haozi sees the agent."
After all, it’s an agent to teach, and if Qing Haozi dares to be disrespectful, if this word comes out in the future, it’s not too big or too small, and it’s also a crime, and maybe it’s necessary to lock it up for decades, so it’s a bit of a loss.
As soon as Qingyuezi was firmly in shape, she heard the report from the personal guard around her. Although he was not familiar with Qing Haozi, he was no stranger. In the past, he sometimes handled things, and then smiled and said, "Oh. . . Third Senior Brother, you are really a noble person. I have been back to the mountain gate for more than a month, but this is the first time I have seen you. Today is really lucky. "
When Qing Haozi saw Jinyang talking like this, he was shocked and immediately explained: "No, I dare not. I’m ashamed to say that my foolish brother saw that his teacher’s brother had left the mountain gate for less than a year, so he threw me away. It’s really shameful to see him. He has been devoting himself to penance. This practice has forgotten the time. Look at his teacher’s brother Haihan. Don’t care about him."
Qingyuezi didn’t have much affection for him, so she casually said, "It’s okay, it’s okay, I still have some mundane affairs here, so I won’t delay if I see my brother has to hurry."
Say that finish, before Qing Haozi said something, he turned to go. More than a dozen confidants of the green generation naturally followed him, completely ignoring him.
But today, these people who were ignored in the past, now climb the high branch of the agency palm teaching, naturally, a rising tide lifts all boats, the value soars, the dog looks down on people, and it is purely normal to look down on him.
Looking at Qing Yuezi about to leave, Qing Haozi remembered what he was thinking by the lake, and his lips opened slightly, but he was awkward and didn’t know how to speak.
Fortunately, Qingyuezi noticed his mistake long ago, and immediately turned around and said, "Brother, you have something to say. You are all disciples. Speak frankly. Don’t be ashamed like that bitch."
Qing Haozi was suddenly a little speechless and stammered, "Mr. Zhang, if there is anything wrong with my foolish brother in the past, please ask Hai Han."
Green month heart suddenly a joy, to show weakness, that is the prelude to take refuge in, now just throw an olive branch, will naturally take the bait.
Qing Yuezi thought about it in her heart and said, "Where is the dialect? Living under one roof, bumping into each other is inevitable, and it’s all a thing of the past. I also mention what he did. Although our other disciples don’t have much contact, they are all classmates after all. What happened in the past, if the senior brother wants to, let it die with the wind, how? "
Qing Haozi’s face lit up at once and said, "That’s natural."

Chapter 266 Three hours
Chapter 266 Three hours
In the gate of the Sword Sect of Shushan, the Emei Jinding is the core of the rights of the whole of Shushan, the place where all orders are issued, and it is also a holy place in the minds of the disciples of Shushan. The Sword Sect of Shushan opened the bodhi old zu, and the bridled real person soared in the daytime.
Since the rise of the real bridled man, later generations have built a huge palace on this golden dome, named’ Bridled Palace’, in order to commemorate the bridled bodhi old zu who made great contributions to the hundred gates of Shushan.
In the Bridled Palace, if it is a big main hall, there is only Qing Yuezi, and dozens of young generation confidants he recently recruited. As for the others, all of them were driven to their respective Taoist temples as palm teachers.
Seeing that no stranger was present, Qingyuezi was no longer affected. She sat on the throne of Zhangjiao without scruple, groping for the throne made of Zijin with her hands, and she had always dreamed of the position. As long as she was in a few hours, she could sit down all the time.
A wonderful feeling that I have never enjoyed, even the dark and green moon, is extremely excited, and my thin body looks a little unbearable and trembles slightly.
However, after all, he is a veteran who has been rolling and crawling for decades on the battlefield of life and death. He soon got out of this exciting feeling, leaned on the throne, and narrowed his eyes, leaving only a gap and a chill.
Slowly stop the uncontrollable excitement in my heart, and Qing Yuezi will slowly figure out that there are many things to be done. If you take any one out, it will be enough to deceive the teacher and destroy the ancestors. You must think twice, or you may fall into the abyss if you are not careful.
For a long time, Qing Yuezi slowly opened his eyes. Two swords, like the essence of light, burst out from his eyes, revealing a firm light.
Facing dozens of confidants in the audience, he coldly ordered: "Distribute orders to all the disciples in all mountains. Without orders, no one is allowed to leave his Taoist temple without permission. Those who violate the order will be killed. "
Dozens of people looked at Qing Yuezi’s cold eyes. No one dares to ask why, and they don’t want to ask. These people have already sworn to the ancestors of Sanqing, and they will never betray Qingyuezi again. In any case, these people are closely tied to the fate of Qingyuezi.
One glory is glorious. One loss is a loss.
Without any doubt, dozens of people rushed out of Jinding, radiated around in a huge circle, and slowly sent the order of palm teaching to the hundred gates of Shushan.
Thinking and thinking, after careful consideration, Qingyuezi decided to keep the 2,000 low-ranking masters, if all these low-ranking masters were killed. What’s the point of this new Zhang Jiao, who is about to succeed to the throne, being just a army of one, with no soldiers at his disposal?
Although these low-ranking masters have only a short time to get started, they are not proficient in cultivation, and many people have not even reached the realm of avoiding the valley. They also need to eat whole grains to make a living, but they have an advantage of surviving, that is, their sense of belonging to the sects will never be too strong.
These people, psychologically, have completely different ideas from those who have cultivated sword tires. They don’t have too deep feelings for Shushan, so long as they are given enough benefits, they can be bought off.
Those real masters. At the moment, they are all in a closed state. Think of this, green month heart suddenly settled a lot. It’s an act of god, and I secretly laugh at it in my heart. I don’t know what’s wrong with the old guy’s head. Actually put all the masters in one place, even if you want to practice any law, you never need so many people.
Such a move is absolutely unprecedented, but for Qing Yuezi, it is simply that God is helping him, and his heart is getting more and more excited.
In fact, there are not many things that Qing Yuezi needs to do. As long as he secretly opens a gap in the "two instruments and dust array" and lets the left army enter the gate, then he closes the whole array to prevent the internal atmosphere from leaking out, he will no longer have his business.
At that time, the whole of shushan is simply catching turtles in a bird. As long as Jinyang sends some masters to control those low-ranking masters, and then leads other masters to sneak into the underground palace, while the masters of shushan are still closed, they are caught off guard. With the strength of Jinyang and others, it is also useless to use sneak attack.
With these thoughts in mind, Qing Yuezi’s nervous mood gradually dropped, and her slender fingers, made of jade, tapped slowly on the throne according to a specific law, making a sound of "da", "da" and "da".
It didn’t take long for dozens of confidants to turn back, one by one showing a determined look. Qingyue knew that the task must have been completed.
Time passed a little, but Qingyuezi did not act. She leaned on the throne and leaned out of the hall with her mind. She felt the sunset gradually setting, and there was a little more joy in her brow.