"Dark Lord, thank you-!" Baise immortal obviously knows the dark sky.

"You don’t have to thank me. I don’t want to save you. I want to kill you. Trouble is on me." Said the black devil with a wicked smile on his mouth, and then the strong suction in his mouth suddenly appeared, and he immediately sucked the Baise fairy into the import.
Tang Xiangxiang frowned slightly. Yu Long also gasped at the cold. This black fiend does have some evil nature, so it’s no wonder that it’s called magic.
But then again, the move by the black fiend has helped them a lot, and the fairyland has been investigated for its Baise immortal to die with them.
"Who is the evil king of Younger?" Yu Long remembered the inquiries from Baise Fairy.
"Evil King is one of the four fairy kings in Wonderland, vicious, insidious, despicable, shameful and cunning … not a good thing." Speaking is a black demon.
"fairy king?" Yu Long frowned. "What does he want to do in the celestial realm?"
"It’s hard to say-!" Dark fiend said, "this man is ambitious and bent on overthrowing the emperor and taking charge of fairyland. Now chaos will make me look at this."
The fish took the opportunity to do evil. "
Tang Xiangxiang thought for a long time, "It is very likely that the evil king has always been unscrupulous and dare not live in people. If it is really his world, then we must be careful."
"Ha ha-!"
Black fiend suddenly smiled and said, "Been assured to meet your little lover. I’ll pay attention to the evil king. It seems that this time things are getting more and more interesting."
"Wait-!" Tang Xiangxiang said to the black fiend, "Evil Wang Xiu ranks first among the four fairy kings in Wonderland and has been chasing Ziwei Zhongtian Emperor. You should be careful yourself."
"Hehe, have you been so right? Are you looking at me?" Black fiend jokingly said
"I don’t want you to die in the evil king … Tang Xiangxiang left such a sentence and then left with Yu Long.
Tang Xiangxiang went straight to Yu Long’s room and closed the door. After that, she stared at Yu Long’s mouth, but she didn’t know what to say.
"Xiaoyu, there are some things I don’t know how to say …" Tang Xiangxiang finally gave up.
"I know …" Yu Long took the topic. "I know Xiang Xiang. Let me ask you if you are still our Xiang Xiang."
Yu Long’s eyes are full of expectation when his voice falls.
At the same time, Tang Xiangxiang became nervous.
The atmosphere in the room seems to have become quiet.
"Brother Xiaoyu, I’m … I’m still your Xiang Xiang, and I’m still your Younger. Although my witchcraft and memory have awakened, I’m still my memory in this life. I haven’t changed anything except my strength." Tang Xiang said seriously.
Yet a Yu Long hanging for half a day heart finally fell to the ground.
"Brother, I’m sorry-!" After a pause, Xiang Xiang said with shame and apology, "My memory has always been … I lied to you."
"I know-!" Yu Long said flatly, "I knew it from the first time I saw you … I also knew that you had difficulties in your heart, and I have been forcing myself to believe that you really have amnesia."
"Xiaoyu …" Tang Xiangxiang couldn’t control her emotions anymore. She plunged into the man’s arms and hooked his neck with her hands. "Xiaoyu, can we never part again?"
Yu Long nodded seriously and said, "Xiangxiang I Younger, from today on, you are my person, and we will never part again."
"Xiaoyu, you don’t know the feeling of strangers across the street. It’s so uncomfortable. I almost couldn’t help it for several times. If it weren’t for the bridled road flyover, I might have confessed to you." Tang Xiangxiang held her beloved man tighter.
Yu Long stroking the woman Xiurou and said, "I know how can I not know … My feeling is that I figured it out with you. How can I not know?"
Stopped Yi Long Yu suddenly asked, "Now that your memory has awakened, what will you do in the future?"
"I …" Tang Xiangxiang trembled slightly and said, "I don’t care … I don’t care what hatred the gas refiner has with the witch family. I want to be with you, Xiaoyu. Anyway, I am also a witch family. I can’t intervene, but I will protect you, my beloved man."
"Xiangxiang-!" Long Yu slightly moved to hold the woman tighter.
"Xiaoyu even the evil king appeared. It seems that the crisis will get worse … you have to continue to rise." Tang Xiangxiang smiled. "I want to double-major with you."
"Double major?" Long Yu slightly zheng asked "before we are not also …"
"Different before-!" Tang Xiangxiang embarrassedly explained, "Before, my body’s Wuli didn’t wake up. Now it’s different. Now I can double-cultivate Wuli with you and you can reach the emperor’s realm …"
"Hey hey-!"
Long Yuwen smiled easily and immediately said, "Hehe, I’m still a little excited to think that the empress who was all-powerful in ancient times would double major with me."
Tang Xiangxiang smiled and deliberately rubbed his chest against Yi Long Yu’s arm. "I’m not been here, I’m you, Xiang Xiang, you, Younger."
"No, you’re the stepmother …" Yu Long hey hey smiled with a smile on her mouth. She bit Tang Xiangxiang’s earlobe and said, "Don’t you think being a stepmother is more exciting to play with?"
Tang Xiangxiang spat lightly and said, "I’m not playing with you. I want to double-repair your strength with you, you big pervert."