Chapter one hundred and ninety-four Family Tianjiao

In Yuan Heng’s eternal life wheel, every time the life wheel is engraved, it is a world of difference. Three and a half life wheels can’t stop the exploration of fate, but …
Has condensed out of the four life wheel moment, the effect is completely different!
And this is the cause hidden by Yuan Heng!
Yuanheng claims to be able to control the eternal life of fate, which is by no means empty talk!
"Well, I didn’t expect that the waters of the Ganges River in the periphery were rough and unpredictable, and the core was so calm."
Yuan Heng, a special member, followed the guidance of the front wheel of life, avoiding one probe after another. Life River is now in a strange situation, and he can be sure that as long as he is slightly exposed, I’m afraid …
It will be instantly crushed into nothingness!
Almost empty figure, time and again to avoid the unique "undercurrent" of the river of life, constantly moving forward.
Later, due to the special power in the core of Life River becoming more and more powerful, Yuan Heng’s doppelganger even directly hid in the wheel of life-after all, it was just a doppelganger …
"This life river continues to evolve now, but there are a lot more secrets of fate. Moreover, in this form, it is a good time to understand fate …"
Hiding within the wheel of life, Yuan Heng once again saw the evolution of the river of life, where there were some contradictions and riots, and a lot of the true meaning of fate revealed by it made his eyes shine …
Fighting against the river of life and subduing it will not be over in a moment.
Therefore, Yuan Heng is in no hurry. When he meets some key points in the evolution of fate, the wheel of life also stops directly and realizes it carefully. This is a good opportunity.
Within the river of life, a small vortex flows, with Yuan Heng’s understanding. With the increase of each road, the wheel of life seems to be thicker.
As time goes by, the small vortex within the wheel of life increases, and the original shape of the vortex is gradually solidified from the original virtual shadow.
In a trance, the center of the 7.2 thousand vortex finally formed. Vaguely, you can see a tiny, but full of infinite mystery notch, slowly forming …
Eternal fate, even if it is the way to restrain fate, is closely related to the way of fate, and the way of fate is its best nourishment.
At this point, with Yuan Heng’s feeling. Yuan Heng’s eternal life wheel is slowly enriching …
The perception of fate …
Understanding of the mysterious life …
Understanding of destiny …
Even at this time, relying on the river of life, fate evolved into three thousand avenues, which revealed the mystery and true meaning. Make Yuan Heng really an eye-opener!
This is a real opportunity for Yuan Heng!
"If you can put life at the core of the river, it would produce some experience …"
Yuan Heng can feel it. If you can understand the evolution of fate at this time, I’m afraid it’s enough for Yuan Heng’s eternal glory. Have a great impetus!
"But …"
Yuan Heng eyes through many obstacles, far looking at the life of the river, vaguely dignified on the surface, "it seems that there must speed up the action, three thousand HarmonyOS appearance today’s situation, can not be optimistic …"
At this point, the whole life river, which was originally silvery and transparent, began to be filled with golden brilliance …
Within the universe, there are trillions of empty spaces, three worlds of the whole world, endless stars and endless ghosts, even if it is a small world attached to the universe, hundreds of millions of planes.
All sentient beings suddenly felt the void shaking, filled with a joy that went straight to the bottom of their hearts, and sang a magnificent and solemn hymn with an incomparable sacred will.
Nine gods, praise from the gods!
A vast, sacred and incomparably lofty nine-fold altar is manifested in the void.
At this moment, this altar shows the mystery of the boundless avenue, from which all kinds of mysterious and incomparable celestial paths emerge, the lunar, sun, yin and yang, five elements, light, darkness, space, time, life, death, balance and destruction …
Everything has been condensed and manifested from this altar, and each has evolved one by one with a statue of a very mysterious fiend, surrounded by the virtual shadow of three thousand celestial fiends, and each image of a fiend carries this source!
Every road, every fiend’s virtual shadow, is full of incomparably lofty sacred will, revealing boundless divine will …
"Nine-fold gods, since then established, congenital Shinto, since then orthodox heaven and earth, thousands of roads, infinite magical powers, since then are all within the innate Shinto civilization!"
The vastness is like the sound of the sky on the avenue, spreading all over the world. As long as people live in the Pangu atmosphere, they can feel this voice as if it were the incarnation of God, and it rises from their hearts.
"This is … God?"
"The altar of God!"
"Nine heavy gods …"
Wait for a while looked up at the sky and looked at the altar, and a name naturally came to mind.
"Is this … the source of congenital Shinto?"
Endless Shinto glory, 3,000 gods and demons, 3,000 Shinto evolution, and the sound of the avenue penetrates the world.
This is the most influential event of this cosmic reincarnation, which will affect the development of the whole cosmic reincarnation. Since then, the innate Shinto has taken root and sprouted, and the breath of civilization has permeated since then.
The boundless sea of avenues is a crazy interpretation of the avenue belonging to "God", which is getting higher and deeper and more profound.
At this moment, it is a carnival feast for countless creatures in the whole universe. As long as your understanding is strong enough, the higher your realm is, and even if you are strong enough, you can even brand all the infinite Shinto emanating from the whole Nine Heavenly Gods!
Countless practitioners are infatuated with it at this time, feeling the true meaning of the avenue.
As long as at this moment, it is not a delusion to seize such a great opportunity to step into the sky!
The vision of heaven and earth didn’t end immediately, but it continued to evolve. Even on the nine-fold god, the virtual shadow of the three thousand ghosts and gods slowly began to leave the altar. According to this extremely mysterious appearance, it began to run slowly, even …