This is like a needle. Its attack point is very small, but if it acts on a balloon, it will burst or wither no matter how big it is.

Foxy is this needle.
As soon as the spell was recited, the light mirror, Suzaku and three ten-level monster beast Inner Dan immediately started to work, and the earth suddenly trembled under them. Deep in the sky, the black vortex that paused suddenly moved and then jumped down!
Tsing lung’s face changed instantly. If it is in normal times, it will kill sycophantic son 100%, but time will not allow it to do so. It didn’t have time to think about it, so it reached out and grabbed Suzaku’s inner Dan and light mirror. These two things it thought for more than ten thousand years compared to be sycophantic son to die that must be obtained! In fact, it will never allow these people to return to the original world through the mirror of light!
As soon as Qinglong grabs the Light Mirror and Suzaku Inner Dan, its Dragon Inner Dan, Xuanwu Inner Dan and White Tiger Inner Dan will also jump up and spread around the body of Qinglong in a triangle, and suddenly the divine power will flood into Suzaku Inner Dan and Light Mirror.
But it seems …
There was a violent shock, and the Fairyland Mountain shook violently. The Xiantao City below was suddenly reduced to ruins. The once stone wall and the magnificent lords’ meeting hall were all turned into stones and rubble! Its power is no less than a devastating earthquake!
The huge black whirlpool finally fell when Qinglong’s hand caught the light mirror and Suzaku. But just as its hand touched Suzaku Neidan, Suzaku Neidan had turned into a flame and flew back to the fire phoenix’s body. Fire phoenix stands on the ground and suddenly burns a flame several meters high!
"This part may be-"Qinglong’s face twisted and growled and punched the light mirror.
There was a loud bang, fire, explosion, lightning, thunder, and the earth shook. It seemed that the whole world was plunged into darkness …
Tsing lung was frozen by the light mirror and lost its function. Xiao Wu turned around and pounced on Qin Keer, Tang Lan, Xu Qingqing and be sycophantic until he held four women’s hands tightly together, and never saw a ray of strong light around him. The wind blew unscrupulously across every inch of space, and the center of the earth rose fiercely, pulling the whole earth to fall into the depths of darkness …
There is always light behind the darkness, although it is long.
The violent explosion destroyed Wonderland Mountain and Xiantao City. The fairyland mountain, which stands high on the monster beast prairie, disappeared and was replaced by a blackened earth. The once prosperous Xiantao City has also become a ruin that is difficult to rebuild.
Everything seems to have never been born.
Wonderland Mountain never existed in this land.
Xiantao City has never existed in this land.
Xiao Wu has never been to this world, and he and his woman have disappeared without a trace.
The red leaf tree stood alone on the blackened earth for a long time without saying a word. The Five Clams God also looked at the strange scenery in his eyes for a long time before he said aloud, "It’s over."
Hongye tree shook his head "but my brother Xiao he …"
The Great God of Five Clams smiled slightly: "Xiao Wu, a lucky man, is not a unlucky man. I don’t bear him at all."
"Where do you think he is now?" Asked the red leaf tree.
The Five Clams God shook his head. "I can’t know this. Anyway, let’s go back and forth."
"I hope so," the red leaf tree sighed. "Qinglong is an existence that should not exist. What about it? In the explosion just now … perished? "
This time, it’s the turn of the Five Clams God to sigh. "With the power of Qinglong, it’s strong. I don’t think even if the explosion just increased ten times, it’s not enough to make it perish."
The red leaf tree said urgently, then all the sacrifices we made were not in vain? “
"I don’t know the mirror well. I want to Qinglong it now …" After a pause of five clams, the great god said mysteriously, "It must be the best in a wonderful world, right?"
"I don’t know what you’re talking about …" The red leaf tree muttered that it seemed to be getting older after this time.
Five clam gods laughed and said, "Brother Hongye, what are we talking about? Aha, we have more important things to do. That daytime boy is doing evil with my mother Ding. It’s time to find him to calculate the general ledger. Will you help me? "
"Let’s go! What are you waiting for? " The red leaf tree also laughed, and its laughter was so loud that it drifted far away with the wind of the grassland …
It’s time to get this over with.
Wait until there is no more change. Blue sky and talent will lead a large team to come back. They couldn’t believe what they saw.
Standing in the original position of Wonderland Mountain, Elder Jia Shi looked miserable. "I said Tiande Mountain? What about the city? Where is my home? "
"You ask me who I am going to ask?" Lantiande frowned and lost in thought.
"Alas, I have to build a new home again …" Elder Jia Shi muttered aimlessly walking on the ground where Wonderland Mountain disappeared. "It seems that I have to talk to the Lord’s adult. If I am a respected elder to repair the house, how can he have to give some subsidies?"
Lan Tiande didn’t good the spirit way: "Will you stop swinging? Shaw five he has … "
"What happened to Xiao Wu?" Elder Jia Shi stopped.
Lan Tiande didn’t say anything. He gave Elder Jia Shi a white look. In fact, he couldn’t figure out what was going on.
"Oh …" But at this moment, Elder Jia Shi exclaimed that his body suddenly fell to the ground. Several attendants hurried to pull him, but when they rushed over, they were surprised to see that the ground had collapsed into a bottomless black hole.