Li Shanwen was pulled to the first floor hall by Mo Kuangfeng.

Ji Shu looked at two men with crystal chandeliers by the stairs.
Mo Kuangfeng’s body is long and slim, and his expression is cold; Li Shanwen is strong but stooped and his expression is obscene.
It’s all people. The gap is really big!
"My cousin, who grew up in a honey pot, is afraid of coming to Hong Kong today?"
Li Shanwen smiled and got close to Mo Kuangfeng’s face.
Mo kuangfeng, take a step back.
"Do you covet my father’s legacy?"
Li Shanwen expression bleak to "you have inherited menstruation share I share you also see? Don’t be too greedy! Your family is now flourishing, and your father is the only one. Do you have to argue with me? "
Li Shanwen is aggressive.
"You drove me into a hurry, but I want to bite! I have not been mixed up in Malaysia for so many years! "
Jishu walked from the second floor to the first floor hall with the revolving ladder.
She understood that Li Huainong gave up the inheritance clause without telling Li Shanwen about Mo Kuangfeng’s marriage.
If he knew, he would be more angry and extreme.
Li Shanwen, who gave up half and got the other half, would never let it go.
"My cousin and uncle are still alive, and everything is in accordance with my uncle’s wishes."
Mo kuangfeng looked at Li shanwen and said calmly
Li Shanwen also said that Ji Shu said loudly, "I’m tired, too. Why don’t Li Dage talk to you later?"
JiShu said and walked over and took MoKuang maple’s hand.
MoKuangFeng know JiShu this is don’t want to pester and nodded.
Li Shanwen didn’t stop waving his hand, "I’ll wait for you."
Smiling is meaningful.
Ji Shu expected that it would be a showdown.
In order to book a taxi, Mo Kuangfeng and Ji Shu hold hands and sit in the back seat staring at the distant coastline.
As night falls, the coastline presents a hazy gray-black line, and the sunset is covered by dark clouds. A group of seabirds fly over the sea.
"I don’t care about the money, but my uncle seems very determined and it is better to donate it to my cousin-"
Jishu listened quietly.
Mo Kuangfeng seems to have told her more about his family affairs recently.
And he will definitely hold back these words.
Now Mo Kuangfeng should discuss his innermost thoughts with her so casually.
JiShu feel happy in my heart.
Ji Shuwei smiled and responded with encouragement.
She wants to be a good listener and listen to Mo Kuangfeng’s thoughts.
She has a lot of ghosts, but she doesn’t have to be the speaker all the time. Listening is also a kind of wisdom and a virtue.
"Although I was not close to this cousin, I met him many times when I was a child. I know that he left the country in the early days of reform and opening up. Uncle Malaysia gave him a sum of money to do business. When he was a child, he was very silent and not as aggressive as he is today."
"These overseas assets of your family can only be obtained after these years of reform and opening up. Was this cousin’s day very bitter when he was a child?"
Mokuangfeng nodded.
"My cousin is a few years older than me. My aunt was seriously ill in the future. My uncle couldn’t come back in the southwest. My teenage cousin watched my aunt die …"
Mokuangfeng stared out of the window and sighed slightly.
Ji Shuxin thought that Mo Kuangfeng was 16 or 17 and watched Li Huaiyi die.
But at that time, the material was not too bad.
And Li Shanwen’s mother is even having a hard time because of Li Huainong’s involvement
"We can’t change what has happened. Your uncle asked you to take care of your cousin. He must have expected that most of his money would be lost. Didn’t Li Guanghan say that he often gambled in Nanyang?"
Ji Shu rubbed Mo Kuangfeng’s hand to clean him up.
"Well, this is also my uncle’s consideration. I think my cousin really left the sea city with my uncle at present. After I leave, I will take care of my cousin’s food and clothing."
Ji Shu smiled Mo Kuangfeng, who is still too kind.
Although he is clever, he is on the right path.
And that Li Shanwen is not necessarily.
She had an idea in her mind.
"I said Kuang Feng, should we let Brother Li Guanghan live in Stanley House to take care of your uncle personally?"
JiShu turn a turn eyes close to MoKuang maple low said
MoKuang maple don’t understand "what? Aren’t there doctors and helpers? "