Enoch immediately withdrew his hand, and the new one laughed. "What do you say? Of course, it is to eat your tofu. The little dragon horse is so cute when sleeping. It’s a little bit that makes my sister want to commit a crime." After that, she blinked at the dragon horse and admitted that she was charming.

"Cut!" The dragon and the horse are too lazy to pay attention to this. It’s not interesting at all. My sister looks at herself driving slowly. The taxi wonders, "Where are we going?"
Enoch spread out his palm and said that he wouldn’t tell him "we’ll know when we arrive". After that, he hid himself in a corner and began to pretend to play with her mobile phone.
The dragon and the horse were also idle to chat, so they shook the window and enjoyed the scene outside the window.
Enoch secretly glanced at the side face of the dragon horse, and suddenly there was a moment of absence and whispered, "You are really alike in both front and side faces."
"What are you talking about?" The dragon horse looks weird. Enoch once again asked what medicine she took wrong today, so abnormal? ?
"ah! Of course, it means,’ Why is this game so difficult?’ Ha ha "then buried his head in the phone.
The dragon horse glanced at the mobile phone and frowned and woke up. "It seems that you haven’t turned it on yet …"
Enoch looked at the black screen mobile phone, and she really wanted to find a hole to get into, but she still insisted on saying, "I can’t exercise my imagination!" "
"Yes, I didn’t say no!" Roll your eyes and then ignore Enoch and continue to enjoy the scenery outside. Looking at the beautiful scenery is much more interesting than looking at the idiot opposite ◆Deah◇≮ Come and see the handsome guy ≯
"Yes, I didn’t say no!" Roll your eyes and then turn a blind eye to Enoch and continue to enjoy the scenery outside. It is much more interesting to look at the beautiful scenery than to look at the idiot opposite.
After n hours of turbulence, the two finally arrived at their destination.
"What brings you here?" The dragon horse frowned when he looked at the high gate in front of him, not only because the dragon horse felt gloomy and strange around him, but also because they took the subway for nearly three or four hours and the mountain road for two or three hours to get to this bird-less place.
"Well, it’s nothing. I heard that there are handsome guys here." I teased my hair. The original waist and long hair are now slightly over my shoulders, and the straight hair has become a big wave. The dragon and the horse are very resistant to watching Enoch just go to the barber shop yesterday and get a new haircut. Suddenly, it turned white.
"No wonder you went to perm your hair yesterday …" The dragon horse was interrupted by a chestnut explosion by Enoch before he finished. "Your sister is not that shallow, okay? I have long wanted to get this hairstyle." Enoch argued that this little guy would know his thoughts, but is it that obvious?
"It hurts!" Dragon rubbed his head today without a hat, so Enoch couldn’t fight without some pain and dissatisfaction and waited for Enoch.
"Dare to talk nonsense after seeing you!" Enoch pulled up the dragon horse and walked into the school in front of them-Heizhu College.
In fact, the real purpose of coming here is because the strange dream the day before yesterday seems to imply something to yourself.
"Full moon night blood clan day …"
"Black Lord …"
"Princess …"
After waking up, a little analysis of these two intermittent words shows that the word "black master" should mean that the black master college is coming to the hair without stopping. Hey, hey, this is called basic etiquette. Of course, we should pay attention to the image. What’s worse, the blood clan nobles should not be too poor
"It’s already dusk. Will they have finished school?" The dragon horse guessed at one campus.
Enoch looked at his watch and said in a panic, "Hurry up or we won’t come!" Then he pulled the dragon and ran to the front.
As the distance got closer and closer, the dragon horse also clearly heard many people shouting that the place they went to was a place called Yeliao, which also made the dragon horse see a more lively scene than the ice emperor ◆ DEAH ◇≮≯.
As the distance got closer and closer, Longma clearly heard many people shouting. It turned out that the place they went to was a place called Yeliao, which also made Longma see a more lively scene than Ice Emperor.
"ah! Senior Lantiang! "
"Senior Yulan!"
There are girls shouting Enoch’s amazement everywhere. Looking at them, I didn’t expect it to be more spectacular than watching …
"What are they doing?" The dragon poking him in trance Enoch puzzled to ask.
"Oh, they, hee hee, you will know later." Enoch continued with a bad smile. "Don’t be physically committed when you see a beautiful man."
"Slice! adaadadane!” The dragon horse turned his head, but suddenly he wanted to look at Enoch angrily and roared, "I’m not gay!" "
"shh!" Enoch quickly covered the dragon horse’s mouth. "You are younger. We are not students in this school. What if we are thrown out?"
Seeing that the dragon horse was getting quiet, he let go of the dragon horse and told him, "Just wait for a closer look at the handsome man."
The dragon horse was unhappy and sat down beside the tree where they had come to hide, and ignored Enoch, who was about to get mad. At that time, it was better to catch up on sleep.
"Don’t squeeze, don’t squeeze!" Enoch saw a little petite sound. Aha, it turned out to be the heroine Youji. I’m so excited. This is the first heroine she came to this world to meet [Sakura doesn’t count! 】 Do you think she can not get excited?
"Come and help!" Following Yuji’s sight, Enoch saw it and was watching the drama. Enoch almost jumped out of the protagonist at that time! ! There is a leading role! !
Enoch clenched his arm and wouldn’t let himself scream. Wow, that excitement is beyond words, but it’s really hard to endure screaming.
"Shut up!" Shit, it’s really handsome. When everyone roared, it was really handsome to come ◆Deah◇≮ was discovered ≯
"Shut up!" Damn, it’s so handsome. When you yell, everyone is quiet. It’s so handsome!
"bang!" Just then, the gate of Yeliao opened, and everyone was boiling, including Enoch.
"Ladies, do you miss me?" Lan Tangying walked behind Kuran Kaname and kept winking at the girls on both sides. Don’t throw it away. Some people can’t stand it anymore.
"Yes …" Everyone answered in unison. In fact, Enoch also wanted a big answer, but now his own conditions don’t allow it. Whoops is really uncomfortable.
"It’s so noisy." The dragon stretched and looked at a face of anthomaniac like Enoch, and then followed Enoch’s eyes to see the night people who were slowly coming out of the night room. For a moment, the dragon and the horse were shocked. I didn’t expect that there were so noble and beautiful people in this world.
"Don’t look at the dragon horse!" Enoch covered his eyes and said unhappily.
"Because there are beautiful women in it, I’m afraid the little dragon horse will be abducted and run away." Enoch looked at Ryukyu and Lime in the night department and said angrily that she couldn’t let her beloved brother be abducted and run away.
The dragon horse is a little dumbfounding. Is its self-control that low? Take Enoch’s hand and say, "Don’t worry, I won’t be abducted." After that, I turned my back to those people who weren’t watching the night department
Enoch nodded with satisfaction and then continued to look at such a bunch of handsome men and beautiful women.
"Can you pay attention to your image?" Longma said rudely that it is so shameful to come out with her every time.
"Oh, no one will see it" is this secret place, but Enoch carefully selected it to ensure that the handsome guy will not be found.
"Ah!" The dragon horse suddenly screamed a little. Enoch reluctantly turned his head and said impatiently, "What’s the matter with you?"
"My hand was scratched by that leaf" or I shrugged my shoulders and said, pointing to the opposite leaf
But Enoch panicked. Isn’t this luring vampires? No, we have to get out of here
"We should go back." Then he pulled the dragon horse to leave, only to find that at this moment …
"Since I’m here, don’t go, otherwise people will say that our black main college won’t receive guests ◆Deah◇≮ Don’t go ≯.
"Don’t leave now that you’re here, or people will say that our black main college won’t receive guests!"
There was a Kuran Kaname sound behind him. Enoch couldn’t help cursing in his heart. Damn it, how was it discovered so quickly?
"Ha ha, we have something urgent, so we won’t bother." After a few quick smiles, we didn’t look back and said to the dragon and horse novels around us, "Dragon and horse go!"
Longma didn’t know Enoch was in such a hurry, but now Enoch is not as anthomaniac as he was just now. It seems that he is still a little afraid of grabbing his hand and getting a little cold
"Oh, this can’t be done." Kuran Kaname walked gracefully to the front of the two people so fast that the dragon horse hardly noticed it