Su Jiner seemed to lighten up after hearing this. She closed her eyes and held Lin Yi tighter.

Lin Yi smiled bitterly in his heart. No wonder he was so uncomfortable in his chest that one of his lungs was removed.
At least he got a life back.
The mysterious man in black was merciful to everyone in the "Golden Temple" but insisted on his death!
He doesn’t understand his resentment!
He must unveil the mystery of men in black and see who he really is! Ask him if he has to kill him and then hurry! He must avenge this!
At this time, the carriage door suddenly played kissy-poo, and Lin Yi and Su Jiner quickly divided.
It turned out that it was Gu Lingfeng who hit the car door.
It turns out that Gu Lingfeng didn’t trust Su Jiner to let Leng Zen wind bring people back to save Lv Ximei, so he pursued it.
Seeing the carriage stop here but not Su Jiner’s figure, Gu Lingfeng got a fright. He hurriedly hit the carriage door to find out what happened. He never expected Su Jiner to cuddle with Lin Yi.
Gulingfeng couldn’t believe his eyes.
What the hell is going on here!
Anger and jealousy also flooded Gulingfeng’s head in an instant.
He dialed the sword and shouted at Lin Yi, "Shame! How dare you molest my school sister? I’ll kill you! "
Su Jiner immediately blocked Lin Yi’s front Gulingwind and pointed his finger at Su Jiner, and his expression became very painful.
Su Jiner looked at Gu Lingfeng and said coldly, "Do you still want to kill me, second brother? !”
Gulingfeng felt like a shock in his heart, so he quickly hung his sword and asked Su Jiner about his trembling voice quality.
"School sister, what is this! Who’s this kid? ! How could you do this … "
Su Jiner got out of the car and locked the door.
She calmed a troubled mind.
Su Jiner knew that Gu Lingfeng had always loved and cared for herself, but at ordinary times she tried her best to win her favor. Once, she suddenly wanted to eat a local pastry. Gu Lingfeng traveled hundreds of miles overnight to buy it in Dai Yue. When she woke up the next morning, the maid had put the pastry on the table. She was moved when she asked.
She knows that Gulingfeng is good to her, and she also knows Gulingfeng’s mind, but she always treats Gulingfeng like a brother in her heart.
Su Jiner said to Gu Lingfeng, "Second Brother, I don’t want to explain anything now, but I tell you that you must never hurt him. If you dare to hurt him, I will never say a word to you again in my life!"
Gu Lingfeng knew that Su Jiner had done what he said when he heard this. He tried to suppress his anger and put his sword in the sheath.
"Sister calm down and blame me for being impulsive. Sister, can you tell me who he really is?"
"Who is he? You will naturally know that I asked you to save Lu Ximei. You turned back halfway?"
"I don’t trust you"
"I’m such an adult that I can take care of myself. Please don’t do this kind of thing after the second brother. I don’t like it the most …"
Su Jiner was very annoyed at Gulingfeng’s sudden return.
Gulingfeng doesn’t want to make Su Jiner angry.
But the hatred for Lin Yi in my heart is hard to dissolve.
At this time, the horseshoe turned in one direction, and soon several figures appeared and rushed here.
Chapter 9 Gone with the Wind Island (2)
Those people arrived from Piaodao and Nanyuan.
After some hard work, several experts in the South Campus of the Cold Zen Wind Belt just helped Mei Mei and Piaodao people to break through the tight encirclement.
There are two masters in the South Yard who died in Gone with the Wind Island, and more than a dozen people died except Mei Mei, Luo Guxie and three others.
Now each of them is also injured.
Cold Zen Wind A piece of meat on the forearm was cut off and attached to a little bit of skin. Cold Zen Wind simply dragged that piece of meat and stuffed it into his mouth to chew and swallow blood. It overflowed from the corners of his mouth. Cold Zen Wind calmly raised his hand and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, which made the islanders look very thrilling, but people in the South Yard were used to it.
Cold Zen and weak wind say that "the body and skin are easily abandoned by parents and I am sorry for my parents."
Then a piece of cloth wraps the wound like a person.
Gone with the wind people have long heard that Su Qinghou’s brothers Zhong Gu Lingfeng has the highest martial arts, Xiao Lian Qin has the strangest cold Zen style, and only when they see this situation can they know that it is really worthy of the name. Cold Zen style is really a malicious role!
Su Jiner said to Mei Mei, "Sister, your shoulder is hurt! I’ll bandage it for you. "
Mei Mei was annoyed that Zeng Tengyun had almost cut off her beautiful head with a knife. This haunting guy is bound to her and has filled her with a lot of trouble, but this time I have to really thank this bastard Lin Yi to get away.
And if it weren’t for the cold Zen wind to bring people back to fight hard, she wouldn’t be able to break through the road. The cold Zen wind has told Mei Mei that Su Jiner asked them to return to help.
Mei Mei is grateful to Su Jiner now.
"Good sister, thank you very much! Sister’s injury doesn’t matter. We have to leave overnight. That bastard Zeng Tengyun won’t let it go. This feeling will be repaid in the future! "
Su Jiner already had an idea in her heart. Lin Yi is seriously injured now. How can she rest assured that she has to follow Lin Yi and can’t arouse Mei Mei’s suspicion?
Su Jiner then said to Mei Mei, "Sister, I heard that Piaodao is a strange island, which is very interesting. My sister has long been longing for this birthday party for Cui Dao in our South Hospital. I also insist on coming with her. Although there are still some days before my birthday, can you take me to the island first?"
Su Jiner helped her a lot this time. How can Mei Mei refuse?
"Since my sister wants to play in the island, you can come back to Gone with the Wind Island with me and let me treat my sister well to express my gratitude."
Su Jiner was secretly happy when she reached her goal.
Gu Lingfeng’s horse peeped out that it was the man in the carriage who was playing in the school sister’s mind island.
Gu Lingfeng quickly said to Su Jiner, "Since my younger sister is going to Piaodao with Lord Lu Island, I’ll go with my younger sister."
Su Jiner said, "I don’t want anyone to accompany you to meet my uncle."
Gu Lingfeng insisted on going with Su Jiner and moved Su Qinghou out, saying that if anything happened to Su Jiner, it would be difficult for them to explain to the master that the previous attack was an example, and she should not be allowed to take risks again.
Su Jiner’s thoughts on Bai Gu glide How can she let him accompany her?
Finally, Su Jiner took a step back. She said to Gu Lingfeng, "Well, let Brother Leng come with me. My uncle wants to discuss something with you and buy some birthday presents. Please take people home quickly."
Su Jiner asked Leng Zen Wind again, "Brother Leng is willing to accompany me?"
Leng Zen said, "At the command of my sister."
In this case, Gu Lingfeng can take people away disgruntled first. When he left, he still resented looking at the carriage. He really wanted to split the carriage and cut the man in half to solve his resentment.