But the aura you get is far from shrinking. It’s terrible to occasionally throw a fireball behind you. The output of Zhang Xiaoqiang Goin Zhang Xiaoqiang is really terrible.

Angelnan’s eyes lit up. "Can this scroll change this situation?"
"Yes, after signing the Reiki contract, the Reiki Department will force each player to share it equally, which is conducive to teamwork and balanced growth of the players."
Say so much.
Isn’t it the team function in the game?
There are some things in Zhang Xiaoqiang that can be solved by directly applying for a team in the game, but the world has to sign any trouble scrolls, but it further reflects the rigor and truth of the world
Hang Yu went to produce stone tablets again.
His eyes swept the low-level production formula in the production stone tablet and finally stopped at something different.
[Primary mining of production skill stone] The exchange price of gray grade is 5 white crystals!
Yes, this place can actually buy skill stones!
This is a piece of gray matter, the lowest production skill, which is not helpful for fighting.
But Hangyu still gritted his teeth and exchanged it.
The most valuable thing in Goblin camp is this skill stone, or skill stones are extremely valuable. Since you see them, you must not miss them.
Hang Yu exchanged for the skill stone.
There are 5 white crystals and 1 gray crystal left in the property.
The primary mining skill disappeared from the stone tablet
One of these things only refreshes once every few days.
[Primary Mining] Independent skills Current skill level 1 Reiki (/3) Proficiency (1/1) Consumes 1 point of spirit, which can be used to mine materials for the target. The skill level and target level are as follows
It is quite difficult to upgrade production skills. Generally, skills need to be upgraded to level 3 or proficiency is required. If you upgrade from level 1 to level 2, proficiency is required. The requirements are as high as 1.
However, Hang Yu noticed that his skill proficiency was full as soon as he learned it!
This is the effect of innate skill "great sage memory"
And it may bring a very big advantage.
Hang Yu’s skill cultivation saves a lot of time and will sometimes learn more skills in the future.
Night falls completely.
The sky is full of stars.
The night in this place is not too dark.
The sky is full of colorful starlight.
Such a beautiful and spectacular picture makes people feel like they are in a fairy tale world.
However, if you look closely enough, you will find that the twinkling stars above you are not stars, but similar star eddies. It seems that each vortex is connected to the new world.
This is the spirit world