Then also ignored the gray shirt old man went straight back to the room.

Seeing this, the gray-shirted old man couldn’t help but frown, but he didn’t stay any longer, but left the attic with a wave of his sleeve and a cold hum.
Back to the room, Yu Yilie, at this time, the booze came again and staggered to the bed and sat cross-legged.
"shout! Dead old man, I’ll deal with you when I break through! " Yu Yilie muttered something and began to run the fifteenth floor of the red flame achievement method to gather qi and try to break through.
Shanzhong is the abdomen in the human body, but at this time it is occupied by his qi to form a rich reddish qi.
"Well! The true qi is working normally, nothing unusual. "Yu Yilie felt glad at the bottom of my heart.
These days, he didn’t practice the true qi, but the true qi nourished the aura, and now he has reached the fifteenth peak of the red flame achievement method.
If he wants to go further, he can break through the sixteenth floor and reach the late congenital stage
At this time, the other body contains a lot of aura, but it no longer needs the help of Dan medicine, but will absorb and transform it into the true qi.
When the true qi reaches saturation, Yu Yilie decisively starts to run the red flame method. The 16th floor method gathers the true qi and begins to break through new channels.
Like a lake overflowing, Yu Yilie kept pounding the solid soil with new qi and opened it up little by little.
I don’t know how long it took, but he didn’t feel tired again and again. Anyway, he kept urging the true qi to rush forward.
Until the road ahead to stop Yu Yilie also groggy fell asleep.
The next day, Yu Yilie opened his eyes in a daze.
Looking out the window, the harsh sunshine passes through Yu Yilie, not from Zheng, and then it is a surprise.
She didn’t see if she broke through. He pushed the door open and knocked on the door of the incarnate elder sister awkwardly.
"Hum! Smelly little brother has nothing to do with knocking on my door! " The face so cold night incarnate opened the door complaining and said
"The incarnate elder sister is my fault, but the old man is not too much! When I’m stronger than that old man, I’ll teach him a lesson for you. How long has it been? Tell me how long I slept first? " Yu Yilie please said
"Smelly little! Did you go to drink sanhua yesterday? How? It’s only noon the next day. Is it an appointment? " Night incarnate slightly sour said
"No! I didn’t make a little money yesterday, so I went to Baizhen Building and drank two cups, "Yu Yilie explained with a headache.
At this time, Bai Chen also came out and said with a light smile, "Don’t forget us if Brother Yu has any way! Now the misty rain is in danger, and we are greedy and cheap, and we are chased by the monster beast of the first and third order, but we have no income now! "
At this time, the attic also came, but the injury improved and some flying tigers came.
"Incarnate Ji didn’t come forward yesterday. I’m really sorry," said the Flying Tiger, coming to look at the night with a slightly frivolous pace.
Night spirit can’t help but hold him quickly when he sees this. At the same time, Jiaochen said, "It’s okay. If the old man practices the thirteenth floor, I will feel distressed if I hurt you! People don’t like that gigolo. What are you in a hurry to do? You know I like you. "
The flying tiger was stuck by her and listened to her so explicit words. She couldn’t help but say, "Don’t do this to me, charm. I always treat you as my sister."
"I just want to be your sister. I really don’t understand the amorous feelings of a lout." The night charm couldn’t help but smile and continue to tease him.
"Captain, your injury is still not good. Let’s continue to cultivate. When you are well, let’s call someone to do it." Yu Yilie could not help but speak to ease his embarrassment.
"You’re right about the little brother, but it’s urgent to accept people’s income, so you and Bai Chen will start this matter," said Feihu Shen.
Two people should be in succession, and then the flying tiger returned to the attic with the help of the night charm.
"By the way, I don’t know what to do in Brother Fang City to make money? Just haven’t come to ask your boss came "Bai Chen see this is not a previous question again.
"Nothing is to help others sell pills and ofuda. There is a net profit of 5%," Yu Yilie said lightly.
"oh? Did Brother Yu gain anything yesterday? "
"Alas, I have earned more than 300 Lingshi after many days of hard work."
Yu Yilie sighed and said that he didn’t want Bai Chen to get involved
And Bai Chen smell speech did not show interest. After two people perfunctory, Yu Yilie opened his mouth to leave and walked outside the attic.
"I live for me! You learn to fly when your wings are hard, right? I don’t even call my sister! " Night charm leisurely generous coming from the attic a charming drink a way
"The younger brother that dare! Then let’s go out together! " Yu Yilie smell speech immediately lived and then turned back and said with a wry smile
Night charm smiled at this and then they left Tianya League for Fangshi.
Yu Yilie took the night charm all the way to the east, and found out the location of Shuiyunju after half a day.
And Lu Yu Yilie also explained to her what she is doing now, but he said it was ten points to pay her.
At this time, Lei Yun moved in the main room, and he was delighted to see Yilie’s visit and invited them in.
Then he gave Yu Yilie a bag full of all kinds of ofuda, and at the same time he gave him his set of stall tables and chairs.
Yu Yilie didn’t stay long, but left early while there was still half a day to go outside Fang City.
Night incarnate nature also white Yu Yilie do think there is nothing to do and accompany him to set up a stall.
Nai night spirit’s side Yu Yilie couldn’t let go of her hands and feet, but there was no business at first.
However, it is difficult to have no business when there is a night charm beside this big beauty.
After another, I sold a lot at the normal price, but I didn’t meet any rich owner, Yu Yilie, or I was listless.
Only to find that at this time yesterday, the old man in gray shirt walked slowly to the outside of Fang city, but the direction was straight for two people.
The gray-shirted old man walked slowly with his hands hidden in his long cuffs in front of his lower abdomen, reluctant to walk towards them like a duck rack being driven away.
"Little friend, I want to buy ofuda," said the old man in gray shirt with strength.
"What runes do you need, Elder?" Yu Yilie one leng but did not refuse but asked.
"I’ll buy as many things as you want. I’ll give you how many lingshi I’ll give you. I wonder if this girl can come to the rare building to choose some things that need to be uniform." The gray-shirted old man said with a blank face.
Chapter one hundred and three Add two more talents
In this issue, Bai Chen also found out that he opened a shop and often took care of his business.
However, he refused many invitations without hesitation, and kept close to the door of the shop.
And only once he went out, he went to Hanjialing to take pills at night, and at the same time, he also brought a hundred copies of Polypanacis.
Then he let Heaven dream of his return again, and Lei Yun’s motivation was that he wanted to keep the shop, so he made allowance for sending ofuda here every time.
After another month, Yu Yilie and Lei Yun were able to draw a fireball with aura, but the achievement rate was one tenth.
Rao is so happy that Yu Yilie also invited Lei Yun to go to Baizhen Building to celebrate and also met his daughter Lei Yuanyao.
Xiu impressively has reached the ninth floor of practicing, and now Yu Huangzhai is quite gentle and virtuous in his twenties.
And after he learned the operator, he earned more money. Han Yuyang’s two brothers and sisters, Lei Yun, paid him a reward. Although he paid the rent of the shop, there was still a little surplus, but there was also a little money that was not enough to buy Dan medicine to maintain his practice.
He has not considered alchemy for the time being, but he can buy materials and ask Han Yuyang to refine them, which is his main source of income at present.
Every month, the two companies can deliver goods about twice. In the past two months, he has earned six or seven thousand Lingshi instead of losing money.
Although it’s only a little over 3,000 a month, I can’t win running around looking at people, but my face is quite natural and unrestrained.
Plus, he devoted himself to drilling and developing the charm fireball, and the success rate has gradually increased a lot
While uniting with him, Zidange bought several kinds of ascending pills without hesitation, but Lingshi also flowed out.
And his drug-taking practice is naturally increasing to the practice level.
But in his mind, he still can’t find Taiyi’s so-called bearing, and he can’t take it out. He can’t help but feel depressed and think that the half-small sun is not the so-called bearing, right?
On this day, he was sitting in the back chair of the counter, patting his head and wondering, but then he came in from the outside, an old man and a young man
An old man and a young girl are faintly visible, but they went straight to check the Dan medicine and ofuda, and Yu Yilie didn’t mean anything.
Anyway, he is not afraid of being stolen.
However, each ofuda jade box is beautifully packaged, and there are also price concessions for them to choose, so they can pay for the goods and leave.
However, when two people came to the counter, six eyes were relatively surprised.