Hear the sound Cang Du leng looked up and saw Tianyang.

In the evening, the sunset outlined the profile of Cang Du’s side face. He was mistaken for a moment, but after a pause, he found that Tianyang was still there.
Not an illusion
This has always been a cold man who continued to go back and forth to Tianyang and put the bunch of Huang Ju with water drops in front of the tombstone before asking, "When will you come back?"
Chapter 173 Drunk
"When will you come back?"
Hearing Cang Du’s words, Tianyang touched his nose and said "Morning".
In a trance, he remembered when he had just become a sublimater and met Cang Du for the first time.
Fighting just because the other party insulted his mother Nanfei.
But now Cang Du has come to visit his mother’s grave, and it doesn’t look like his first time.
So Tianyang looked at the tombstone and Huang Ju said "thank you"
Pale looked at him and said, "What are you thanking? I didn’t come on purpose."
He got up and pointed to the rows of new tombs in front of him. "In the past year, we lost a lot of people in Nightcrawler, some of whom were my players, my officers and my friends."
"If I want to have a city, I will come here to visit them."
"By the way, I’ll clean your aunt’s tombstone."
Tianyang’s eyes moved slightly. "Captain Han Shu and Ji Yu are all right?"
Cang Du nodded. "The captain and Ji Yu are fine, but Ms. Lida sacrificed her tombstone."
Captain Liang Sen is missing an arm and some, but that’s something you don’t know.
Cang Du asked again, "Do they know about your coming back, captain?"
Tianyang shook his head. "I went to see Commander Yan Yan after I came back."
"It’s the Lord," Cang Du corrected and then said, "It’s just the evening when everyone is getting together. Do you want to come?"
Tianyang corners of the mouth slightly raised "Come!"
Cang Du patted him on the shoulder. "Then come with me."
"Go back to your home?" Tianyang asked
Cangkan said to him, "We didn’t plan your share if we didn’t go shopping."
Tianyang wants to tell him that he can eat nothing now. Think about it or forget it.
Turned to look at the tombstone photo, and the sun said softly, "I’ll come to see you when mom is over."
Take the Cang Du car from the cemetery and Tianyang looks at the street outside.
It can be seen that the streets are being built one after another, making the urban area more crowded than before.
"Those are for urban residents."
Cang Du else concentrate on driving.
"I also heard from Yan Rock Company … the duke coughed, and I heard from Yan Rock that the city should be transformed into a factory area." Tianyang said.
Cang Du nodded. "It’s the urban renewal, but the shack where you live will be preserved."
Tianyang’s mouth twitched. "What should I keep?"
Cang Du’s eyes flashed a smile and said, "Because that’s where the savior lived and where you grew up."
"The duke said that if the post-Qingtianbao was short of money, he would let the people outside the fortress visit it. He said it would be a good income."
Tianyang quickly made no comment.
They bought food in the mall and entered the family station.
When I came to Tianyang, the family headquarters, I remembered that Yunjia decided to visit one day.
So that Yunjia can know how the birds are doing.
Soon the magnetic energy car stopped.
Cang Du’s house is here.
As soon as the magnetic energy car stopped, there was an off-road vehicle behind it. When it stopped, it was next to Cang Du’s car
The door hit the inside and came to the burly figure. Without saying anything, he ran to the flower bed and squatted down to have a retching.
Then he jumped up and shouted, "Ji Yu, can you drive well?"
"This is a fortress, not a battlefield. You don’t have to act like you’re going to war."
The man with messy hair and dense beard is Han Shu.
In the off-road vehicle, a young woman wearing a cap, a red coat and black shorts showed two smooth and round thighs.
She pushed a pair of sunglasses to her head as hairband.
Dark red eyes, the sunset is like a beautiful gem with deep color, which reflects the figure of Han Shu.
This woman is Ji Yu, a former raven squad member.
Ji Yu said otherwise, "Captain, didn’t you listen to the Lord? Although the Kuroshio is over now, we should always be vigilant."
"You can’t be distracted by the battlefield."
Han Shu swore, "Don’t press me with the Lord."
Ji Yu, "I’m telling the truth."
She then looked at Cang Du who just came from the car and waved. "Where did this come from?"
"Shopping mall" Cang Du said coldly, "By the way, there is one more person at the party."
"Who is it?" Ji rain freely asked.
I saw the passenger door hit and someone got out of the car.
The man’s silver hair gently moved in the evening breeze, which evoked many memories of Ji Yu.
Han Shu was stunned when he came over, and then he gently cried, "Tianyang?"
Tianyang smiled and just wanted to say hello. Suddenly it was dark and then there was a feeling of suffocation.
Ji Yu descended and hugged him, holding his fist and hammering at Tianyang Road. "When will you come back?"
"Bastard came back without telling us that we were all dead."
Tianyang’s ability now can’t be caught by Ji rain, and ten Ji rains can’t catch him.
So he’s walking into a trap.
Ji Yu’s fist didn’t bring much strength. Of course, even if she hammered, Tianyang could not be injured.
But from Ji Yu’s fist, Tianyang felt her heart
Han Shu came up at this moment with a smile in his mouth. "Okay, okay, look at Tianyang. He’s out of breath."