"Is the emperor! ! ! It’s me, Emperor Yanhuang! "

Several ministers cried like children in tears, and they couldn’t stop sobbing on their knees
This reminds several people of the familiar face of men in their sleep, and the enemy’s back has once again appeared in the Yanhuang Chaotang!
He is the backbone of Chinese people!
Su Huiyin lost her voice and shouted that she sat softly on the throne. At this time, she wanted to laugh, but her tears could not stop.
Su Huiyin’s jade hand was clutching his mouth and desperately trying not to cry. A pair of beautiful eyes were clinging to the man’s body, fearing that he would disappear if he looked away for a second.
"Sister Yin"
Ling Aner trotted forward to the throne to comfort Su Huiyin.
The practitioners beside Puguan enemy wanted to hijack Ling Aner and run past them, but they couldn’t move. They really couldn’t move!
This man is terrible!
Without saying a word, it was a cold look that made several Du Jie masters move all over the body, and the real yuan was like a shackle that imprisoned the practitioners’ action.
"I heard that someone wants my queen to be a Taoist couple?"
For a long time, Su Yu’s cold voice sounded faint. He went to the limp ground and looked down at the enemy. "Is that you?"
PuGuan enemy pale eyes frightened at this time he clutching his brokeback practice shook his head and stammered "no, no! No! Emperor Su, you may have misunderstood! You heard me wrong. I came here today to make peace! "
Big Brother and Ten Swords are both dead. How dare the man be presumptuous in front of Su Yu, who has been replaced by Pu Guan as the first saint?
Don’t look at others and be arrogant and don’t take Su Yu seriously. When I really see Su Yu, he is afraid of everyone because he knows how horrible this man is!
Su Yu raised his eyebrows. He squatted down to reach out and patted Pu Guan’s enemy’s face with a light smile. "Since you want to make peace, you should have a peace attitude, right?"
Su Yu is very provocative, rational and presumptuous, but the enemy of Puguan just doesn’t even dare to fart. The more powerful he is, the more he can feel Su Yu’s terror.
What arrogance and conceit are all farts in front of this man!
What a joke!
Is a man who can kill Jin Xian a group of people who can fix the truth?
"Be! Emperor, you say yes! "
The enemy of Puguan nodded and turned white, and he almost cried. He really wanted to ask Su Yu how he came back to life. He saw with his own eyes that Su Yu had become a corpse, how could he come back to life!
This man is terrible! That’s weird!
The enemy of Puguan can no longer maintain his previous arrogance and conceit. The officials sneer at these pale people who fix the truth. What nonsense? They are all just like Sun before the Emperor of our family!
Su Yu’s slap in the face of Pu Guan’s enemy made him spit out one mouthful blood and turned a little whiter. When was Tang Sheng slapped? But it happened that the enemy of Puguan dared not lose his temper and had to squeeze out a smile and look at Su Yu "The Great Emperor hit me"
Su Yu’s eyes were cold, and he reached out to the enemy’s face. "Hey!" Lyu3 bu4 sword automatically drawn and flew to Su Yu’s hand.
Su Yu doesn’t want the real imperial sword to kill Puguan enemy, which is too cheap and small.
"Did you really hear nothing?"
Su Yu Pu Guan whispered in the enemy’s ear, "You dare to move your mind. It seems that the battle in the abyss was not enough to make you afraid!"
"The Great Me"
Puguan enemy turned pale and he just wanted to explain, but the tip of his sword had been severely inserted into Puguan enemy’s broken palm wound.
Blood was spattered, the sharp tip of the sword stirred the flesh and blood, and stimulated Puguan’s sensitive nerves. The enemy was blocked. Puguan’s enemy was as fragile as a mortal, but he was so strong that he didn’t die of excessive blood loss that he could feel the pain carefully.
"Ah ah ah!"
Sharp screams sounded, which made people feel a quiver in their hearts.
Many people have convulsions in the corner of their eyes. They all feel tingling at their wrists when they look at them.
Puguan’s enemies shed tears, but he still managed to move.
"Have a good experience of this feeling. I won’t kill you so easily. This pain will last you a long time!"
Su Yu’s voice is faint and creepy like a demon.
Su Yu slightly narrowed her eyes and smiled gently, holding the hilt and turning it hard to make Puguan enemies scream more violently. "Ahhh! Great! Su Dadi, I was wrong! Give me a break! Please! "
The extreme pain made Pu Guan’s enemy unable to speak completely. His voice was trembling and full of pain, which made several practitioners behind him tremble all over. They looked at Su Yu with fear on their faces.
"It’s not that simple. It’s just one. It’s not just you. I want to kill you one by one."
Su Yu’s voice is cold. Since the Abyss Nirvana, Su Yu has found that his mind is more bloodthirsty.
Today, Puguan enemy and Daomenhang completely angered Su Yu and made Su Yu on the verge of blackening.
The enemy of Puguan felt that his soul was almost in pain. After hearing Su Yu’s words, he couldn’t help crying and despair, and God knows when Su Yu will come back now!
If I had known this would happen, he would not have sent anything to the Chinese Empire!
This is a god killer!
Puguan enemy behind several fix true person was a quiver of horror at Su Yu cold face heart fear to the extreme.
The so-called pride and dignity of the practitioners, all glory and nobility, are cruel, and everything looks so fragile before the Terran Emperor.
Chapter 496 I will marry you today!
"Yang Mingwei"
Su Yu got up and said indifferently.
"The emperor! Minister! "