"Well, the water elder tutor is very strict." Li Chengzhu’s face didn’t see a blush at the Virgin and smiled slightly.

The virgin grandmother knows that the lower of these two people is the lead, but the higher one seems to be a foil, but the virgin never knows. What are their servants? Not like; Mentoring? Even less like it.
Boss Li saw that he had just diluted the atmosphere by this trick, and said, "This is really your housework, and I don’t want to take care of it, even if you throw this girl as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade into that … what room doesn’t matter to me."
After listening to the thin shoulders, the water is like smoke. It is true that even if you are thrown into the cultivation room, it is also a ancestral home. Of course, many brothers and sisters will not complain about themselves, but what will have expectations for this man in front of them?
"But …" Big boss Li (turn "there is a saying in our hometown that people can’t believe it! Honesty is the most fundamental promise that people keep in life, and it is also a virtue. I wonder if the Yutu family has any faith? "
"Nonsense! Although we are evil spirits, we will naturally abide by our promises and promises. "Zhou Dunru disdains to look at Li Chengzhu." It’s you who cultivate immortals who hum! "
Boss Li wiped his mouth and turned a blind eye to Zhou Dunru. "As far as I know, Saint seems to have a high status in your family, right?"
"Well," the old lady nodded. "The virgin gave her life to the birth and development of the family, which is the pride of the family." As soon as the virgin spoke, all the elders bowed their heads and listened to the instructions
Proud head, you feed others to the serpent and say it’s dedication. It’s only these stupid women who do this, and I don’t know how the Jade Rabbit clan brainwashed these saints. Loyalty is more glorious than giving their lives to sacred animals.
Of course, these materials were all hooked up when chatting with water like smoke just now. According to her, the Yutu clan will eventually keep a hundred saints to exchange a virgin for a Xuanbingguo, and the whole Yutu clan can also exchange a hundred.
"That’s it." Li Chengzhu spread his fingers and pointed to the water like smoke. "I want you to forgive her for those sins."
"Why?" Zhou Dunru, a freshman, drank "Why should she be released? Her unfaithfulness to the sacred beast must not be tolerated."
"Just because your saint said that she promised me conditions in exchange for the peace of your holy beast!" Louder than your voice, right? Li Chengzhu spittle star splashed into Zhou Dunru’s face on purpose.
"Which saint promised you?" Silent for a long time Zhou Dunru reaction to come over asks.
Li Chengzhu smiled and pointed to his knees. "She, when I was about to kill your big snake, she said that she promised me the conditions before I released the nine big snakes. Otherwise, do you think your sacred beasts are still alive?" Boss Li sneered and squinted at Zhou Dunru. "Or did Elder Zhou think that what the Saint said could not represent your family?"
"This this ….." Zhou Dunru’s position as a saint is really high, and all of them come to feed the sacred animals. It can be said that the whole family owes their lives to the virgin. The virgin’s request is that the family’s request must be done except for some requirements that cannot be ignored. At this time, if you don’t agree to this person’s request, it is more likely to cause public anger in his family’s saint heart.
Zhou Dunru’s intestines are green with anger. Where did the beggar come out with a bad stomach?
"Saint words can really represent our Jade Rabbit clan, but water like smoke has been stripped of the qualification of saint, which is just an ordinary member of Jade Rabbit clan." Li Xiuyuan’s head caught the time difference loophole in Boss Li’s words at one point.
"Oh?" Li Chengzhu looked at Li Xiuyuan coldly. "Excuse me, was Elder Li a saint when she made a promise like water?"
"Yes!" Li Xiuyuan gnashed her teeth and said, "But …"
"No buts!" Li Chengzhu waved. "Although she has been deprived of the qualification of a saint now, she was really a saint when she said this. Am I right?"
"Yes!" Li Xiuyuan had to respond.
"That will do." Li Da’s boss SAO SAO turned to look at the Virgin with a smile. "I’ve finished my words. You must have your own case."
"Holy Mother!" Zhou Dunru became more and more brave and unwilling to come forward. "I think water like smoke has violated the ancestral precepts, and I am even more disloyal to the sacred beast. If I don’t punish it, it will be difficult to calm public anger and calm the sacred beast’s anger. I implore the Virgin to punish the demon slave with water like smoke as a warning." Today, although this incident has exhausted its own advantages, it is impossible to make the other side feel better than this requirement. It is not too much to blaspheme the sacred beast or not to punish it for death.
After listening to Zhou Dunru’s request, she almost fell to the ground. Although she has never seen the appearance of a demon slave, she still heard about it when chatting with her sisters in her spare time. Demon slaves are synonymous with meanness, and when they become demon slaves, they lose their qualification to practice, and they can live by their masters’ charity and pleasing their masters. Even if they die, their souls will remain in their hands.
It can be said that if you are reduced to a demon slave, it is better to cut her down and scatter all the cultivation rooms.
"Don’t …" Water gently bit her lip like smoke, crying in my heart, tears can’t stop flowing, and it dripped to the ground, so that everyone in the silent hall could hear clearly.
"This girl is excited and not excited like this. I hurt you, but I touched you. If I can’t save you, Lao Li is really not mixed up in the celestial world." Boss Li was so proud that he didn’t think of what demon slaves really meant.
"Well," the Virgin nodded. "Elder Zhou has a point. It’s a crime to die and a crime to live to blaspheme the sacred beast. It’s hard to escape from stripping the virgin of her qualification and beating the demon slave."
"Yes," the water was like smoke. When I heard this punishment, my heart suddenly became cold and I sobbed, "Respect the teachings of the Virgin Mary."
Zhou Dunru gloated and watched Li Chengzhu win the battle in the end. Where did the kid hem? Tell the news to the holy beast. Ask this demon slave to give it to the holy beast when you find it. Presumably, even if things are over today, the Notre Dame will not lose a demon slave and will not give her face.
Boss Li noticed that there was a smile on the corner of the mouth of the old lady’s grandmother … What a wretched smile!
Chapter 25 Send you a demon slave
When the "Holy Mother" saw that the overall situation had been decided, Li Xiuyuan hurriedly stepped forward. "I asked the Holy Mother to give me this evil slave, and I will strictly discipline the jade rabbit clan."
Zhou Dunru’s heart jumped, and he was just wishful thinking. Why didn’t he show his face at ordinary times? Why did this kindred spirit work so hard this time? Don’t avoid suspicion and immediately ask to reward this demon slave? Isn’t he afraid of what his elders have in mind? Regardless of whether the former saint and virgin jump out at this time alone will arouse suspicion.
He what? Zhou Dunru thought quickly in his heart.
Please the sacred beast? That’s not urgent at this time, and even if it’s just to please the holy beast, a saint, the adult of the holy beast is unlikely to appreciate it.